This modular power outlet’s AI-based eMission Control learns from your usage

Have a smart outlet that you can only use with an app? Maybe it doesn't even reduce your energy costs. That's about to change with the Teak Smart Cube.

This modular power outlet’s AI-based eMission Control learns from your usage
The Teak Smart Cube optimizes power

Reduce electricity bills and lower your carbon footprint with the Teak Smart Cube modular power outlet. It’s driven by AI software, helping you save energy on plugged-in appliances.

So you have an underutilized, inefficient, messy smart outlet or power strip. You can only use it via an app or voice command, and it may not be as eco-friendly as you’d like.

That’s where the Teak Smart Cube comes in. Inspired by the teak tree’s strength and endurance, the Teak Cube is a step towards a low-carbon reality thanks to its AI-based eMission Control. Let’s check it out!

How does this energy-efficient outlet work?

It’s easy to use this modular power outlet. Plug your electronics—chargers, laptops, lamps, and other gadgets—into the device and use them normally. The AI eMission Control learns when plugged in appliances aren’t in use but are still draining energy.

Teak Smart Cube product video

What is AI eMission Control?

An AI-enhanced software that saves you energy on plugged-in appliances, eMission Control is this modular power outlet’s most impressive feature. Weekly, it lets you know when to turn devices on or off to save the most energy. Once you accept the recommendations, the device auto schedules them.

So, when you switch off your smartphone charger at 5 pm, you can preset the outlet to continue doing that daily. However, changing a scheduled recommendation in the app or using the LED buttons on the cube is easy.

This feature also displays your local energy grid, tracking not just the price of electricity but also your energy consumption according to its source. So it could show you your wind, hydro, coal, gas, and solar energy usage.

This helps you understand exactly how much and what kind of energy you use so you can make sustainable choices over time.

Will this energy-saving outlet switch gadgets off?

Nope, you won’t have to worry about the Teak Smart Cube turning off something like your TV while you’re watching it. The AI understands when you’re using a device and keeps it running.

That’s good news for when you’re watching that big game or using kitchen gadgets to cook a meal. This outlet fits in with your life and saves energy when it can.

What else can this eco-friendly outlet do?

The great thing about the AI eMission Control feature is that it keeps getting smarter. The more gadgets you switch off, the more eco-friendly the Teak Smart Cube becomes.

It even encourages you to plant trees, upgrade to energy-efficient products, and recycle eWaste. With this device, lower emissions don’t just come about by switching off appliances.

What’s unique about the modular design?

The Teak Smart Cube has a modular design. It comprises 2 standalone smart power extenders that can combine into 1 cube. Meanwhile, you can orient the outlets to keep your wires tidy no matter your space.

Combined, this modular power outlet has 4 smart AC outlets in a 4″ x 4″ x 4″ cube with a 12.5 A current rating. Separately, the Teak Trunk has 2 smart +3 AC outlets, and the Teak Branch offers 2 Smart AC outlets. This way, you get plenty of configuration options.

What’s the companion app like?

This modular power outlet’s companion app is compatible with both iOS and Android and works with Alexa and Google Smart Home voice control. The app cuts down on your devices’ phantom load energy use and tracks your fuel source from the local grid.

It also helps you reduce your carbon footprint and provides energy-use data per device. Meanwhile, it elevates your impact through rewards. That way, you can easily separate the energy hogs from the bunch.

How does this smart plug help?

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, most people are unaware of how much energy gets wasted when they leave their devices plugged in on standby mode. The company says the carbon emissions are equivalent to driving 9 million cars. And it’s all energy that goes to waste.

Meanwhile, we use more energy at home than ever while electricity costs have gone through the roof. The Teak Smart Cube represents a realistic solution for everyone, enabling smarter, more affordible energy use.

Who can benefit from using the Teak Smart Cube?

Work-from-homers, remote workers, renters, and landlords all benefit from a product like the Teak Smart Cube. It’s portable and offers more control over energy use, cutting costs.

Gamers can also add it to their setup to reduce their energy use while enjoying themselves. Meanwhile, parents can use it for enhanced control of gaming gadgets.

What’s our verdict on the Teak Smart Cube?

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills, the Teak Smart Cube is worth getting. Its AI-enabled software makes economizing energy easy and rewarding.

What’s more, this modular power outlet gives you a breakdown of your energy use by device and source, keeping you informed of just how much and what kind of energy you’re using. Add it to your home to control costs and help the planet.

Preorder the Teak Smart Cube for $40 on Kickstarter. What energy-efficiency gadgets do you own and love? Tell us about them!

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