This slow-philosophy watch collection reminds you to slow down and live in the moment

Wish you could slow down and enjoy your life more? This slow-philosophy watch collection helps you take each moment in its stride.

This slow-philosophy watch collection reminds you to slow down and live in the moment
Pole Watches Akili Collection in Ukiyo

Enjoy every moment when you have the Pole Watches Akili Collection slow-philosophy watches. These unique Swiss watches draw their inspiration from the Swahili phrase, “Pole Pole.” It means slow down and enjoy each moment of life. These watches serve as a reminder to take life step by step.

Is your schedule so jam-packed that you can barely enjoy the day? When all of your time is booked, it can feel like life is just a race against the minutes. But it is possible to enjoy it calmly, moment by moment. These beautiful, slow-paced watches serve as a gentle reminder thanks to their elegant, one-hand design.

Pole Watches Akili Collection in a video

This slow-paced timepiece tracks time with just one hand

According to the Havard-Smithsonian center for Astrophysics, telling time by minutes and seconds wasn’t so important a few hundred years ago. Only once nationals industrialized did people need to adapt their habits and track time precisely. And these calm-philosophy watches aim to help us get closer to those earlier methods.

For that reason, the creators of the Pole Watches Akili Collection designed the watches with just one hand. Yes, it’s a rather unorthodox style, but the idea is to keep you from feeling pressured every time you look at their wrist. In fact, with this slow-philosophy watch collection, the movement smoothly tracks time in 15-minute intervals. It helps you go through your day in a more relaxed way. That way, you might find your morning meditations easier.

But don’t worry. Telling the time on these watches is just as easy as on any other watch and might even be more straightforward. Instead of seeing the minutes and second hands rotating around the clock, you read everything by the single hand’s position on the watch face. Three dots between the hour lines represent 15 minutes, while the hour lines stand for the top of the hour.

These low-stress watches come in 4 meaningful styles

Meanwhile, the watches come in four different styles. Each represents a different idea about how you can spend your time in a more relaxed way.

The Eunoia

In Greek, eunoia is a person of goodwill who exudes sympathy, feels compelled to help others, and is predisposed to positive thoughts. In the Pole Watches Akili Collection, the Eunoia watch features a sapphire blue face and stainless steel case.

The Fika

Fika is a Swiss expression that means setting aside time to spend with loved ones and friends while cherishing the moments you spend with them. In the Akili Collection, the Fika watch has a snow-white face and a stainless steel case.

The Ukiyo

In Japanese, ukiyo is a word that represents a life based on peace and happiness, where people live only in the moment with optimism. Similarly, the Ukiyo watch in this slow-philosophy watch collection boasts a sleek black face and stainless case.

The Flâneur

Meanwhile, flâneur is a French term for a globetrotter, a person who wonders without a particular objective and is open to anything that happens along the way. This design features a dark green face coupled with a black stainless steel case.

Pole Watches Akili Collection slow-paced timepieces
Pole Watches Akili Collection in four styles

It features premium materials

While this watch collection aims to help you make more out of every moment, it also boasts the materials and craftsmanship you’d expect from any Swiss watch. The crystal is sapphire, and the case is 316 stainless steel on all designs. Likewise, the Ronda 702-2 quartz movement tells time smoothly and accurately.

What’s more, the straps are genuine leather for a comfortable, flexible feel on your wrist. And, with antireflective treatment, this watch will always be easy to look at. Even better, the engravings are all custom-made.

Pole Watches Akili Collection slow-paced timepieces
Pole Watches Akili Collection leather strap

Interchangeable straps give you versatility

All watches come with a system of interchangeable genuine leather straps, allowing you to match your watch to your style or occasion. And, since the straps are genuine leather, they develop a beautiful patina over time for a classic look.

Pole Watches Akili Collection slow-paced timepieces
Pole Watches Akili Collection in Eunoia

They’re timepieces that support a less stressful lifestyle

Looking down at your watch and seeing the minutes and seconds tick away is stressful. But, with a slow-philosophy watch collection like this one, you see just one hand indicating the time. Without those minute and second hands constantly moving, it’s easy to see just how much time you have left to go for a pleasant jog or have a pizza night with the family.

And of course, when you can’t see those minutes and hours slipping away, this could result in an overall feeling of reduced stress in your life. Because, when you focus on how much time you do have instead of it running out, it’s easier to stay in the moment and enjoy the tasks at hand.

If you’re looking for a way to slow down and get more enjoyment out of life, the Pole Watches Akili Collection slow-philosophy watches is a great way to start. These watches keep you calm by reducing the stress of watching the time tick away. Available in four meaningful styles, they ensure you’ll remember to take life in stride and enjoy what’s in front of you.

You can preorder the Pole Watches Akili Collection slow-philosophy watches for about $210 on its Kickstarter campaign. What are your tried-and-true ways for slowing down and living in the moment? Let us know about them in the comment section.

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