This useful smartphone disinfecting device destroys 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds

Want to stay healthy? Then it's a good idea to keep your smartphone clean. And the simplehuman clean station can help. This smartphone sanitizing device deep cleans your phone using 30 UV-C LEDs in simplehuman's omni-lux chamber. Learn more about this cool new hygiene tech in the blog post below.

This useful smartphone disinfecting device destroys 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds
simplehuman cleanstation on a kitchen sink

Keep your smartphone germ-free with the simplehuman cleanstation smartphone sanitizing device. This useful smartphone disinfecting device cleans your phone in 30 seconds thanks to its powerful UV-C LEDs. Viruses and bacteria love to infect a host, but that doesn’t have to be you. Not if you stop the microbes from proliferating on your phone with the latest in UV-C tech.

If you bounce from meeting to meeting and use your phone hundreds of times a day, it’s likely you don’t have much time to disinfect it. But with the simplehuman cleanstation, you don’t need to take ten minutes out of every day just to clean your phone. Also, its sleek, slim design fits nicely on your sink, and the omni-lux chamber blasts germs from every corner of your phone. Let’s check out this new gadget.

Get a clean phone in 30 seconds

The simplehuman cleanstation works quickly. The 30 UV-C LEDs in the omni-lux chamber, along with the highly reflective aluminum walls, destroy germs across the entire surface of your phone. Unlike other sanitizing devices that make you wait 5 minutes or more for a complete clean, this one is done in the time it takes you to wash and dry your hands. So it’s easy to add to your personal hygiene routine.

And that’s important because smartphones can be quite dirty. According to the University of Arizona, smartphones can carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. That sure puts things into perspective. Luckily, keeping your phone clean doesn’t have to be a major time commitment with this phone sanitizing device. That way, you won’t have to spend precious minutes cleaning and sanitizing your phone throughout the day.

Enjoy a thorough clean

Don’t worry, you won’t sacrifice quality for speed. In fact, this smartphone disinfecting device is 99.9% effective across the entire surface of the phone. That’s right; you won’t need to worry about germs hanging out on the back and side surfaces with this useful gadget. And you also won’t have to flip the phone for complete sanitation. The device cleans all sides of your phone for you.

Go for a touch-free phone cleaning device

Cleaning devices work best when they don’t become high-touch surfaces themselves. Luckily, the simplehuman cleanstation is touch-free. This cleanliness gadget automatically lowers your phone and raises it again when it’s clean. That way, you and your housemates never have to touch the device.

Feel confident in the cleanstation’s safety features

Safety won’t be a concern with the simplehuman cleanstation. According to the company, a collection of optical sensors automatically shut the powerful UV-C LEDs off if they detect irregular movement. Meanwhile, laser-cut foam composite doors keep UV-C light from escaping. So this is a UV-C gadget you don’t have to worry about.

Keep this smartphone sanitizing device next to your sink

Another of the simplehuman cleanstation’s best features is its style. This smartphone disinfecting device boasts a slim profile that fits pretty much any space. It’s just the right size for placing next to your soap dispenser on the kitchen sink. It even looks good on the entryway table, thanks to its high-grade brushed stainless steel exterior. Plus, the gadget is still big enough to fit almost any phone, even when it’s wearing a standard case.

Use this device with the cleanstation sensor pump

Some gadgets just work better together. While the simplehuman cleanstation will give your phone an impeccable clean, you should also aim to increase your handwashing. And the cleanstation power pump can help. This touch-free soap dispenser lets you wash your hands without picking up any additional germs from the soap dispenser. Clean hands, along with a clean phone, can definitely help curb the spread of disease.

Stay healthier when you keep your phone clean

After the year we just had, everyone’s trying to stay healthy. Yet serious pathogens like streptococcus, MRSA, and even E. coli have been found on the surface of mobile phones. If you use your phone and absentmindedly touch your mouth, you give those germs entry into your body. But using the simplehuman cleanstation keeps those pathogens off your smartphone and farther from you.

It’s super-easy to keep your smartphone clean with the simplehuman cleanstation. It gives your phone a quick, comprehensive clean and has a beautiful design that fits right on your sink. It’s also secure with safety features that prevent the powerful UV-C light from leaking out. And how cool is the automatic lower and raise feature? Germs are out there, but you can outsmart them by keeping your phone clean.

The simplehuman cleanstation smartphone sanitizing device costs $200, and you can buy it on the official website. What are your favorite hygiene gadgets? Let us know about your discoveries in the comments.

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