This versatile leather footwear is super comfortable and has top-quality craftsmanship

Want a pair of cross-occasional shoes that are actually comfortable and stylish? Then check out John Candor Shoes. They weigh less than two pounds per pair and have an orthotic insole. They also come in four unique styles and go from work to social outings seamlessly. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about these cool shoes.

This versatile leather footwear is super comfortable and has top-quality craftsmanship
John Candor Shoes in Cowboy Blue

Choose footwear that suits any occasion with the John Candor Shoes cross-occasional footwear. This versatile leather footwear combines the look of dress shoes with the comfort of sneakers. These shoes were designed for all-day, everyday use. So, while they’ll keep you looking sleek at the office, they’re also durable enough to wear while riding your bike around the city.

You can’t believe it’s happened again. The outsole on your top-branded shoes you bought a month ago is already detaching from the shoe’s upper. And you spent a small fortune on them thinking they’d last at least a couple of years. Unfortunately, there are a lot of underbuilt shoes out there, even from established brands. But the John Candor Shoes views footwear differently. Its high-quality footwear is custom-made, comes in four cool styles, and is packed with premium features. Let’s check them out.

Choose handcrafted, high-end leather shoes

When it comes to high-quality leather, this versatile leather footwear has you covered. According to the company, it selects top-of-the-line Colombian full grain and top grain leathers. So you can be sure that these are the kind of shoes that offer you durable, long-lasting wear. Then, each hide is carefully sculpted and cut by hand to create full leather uppers, lined insoles, and internal linings.

And speaking of their handmade quality, the company’s Kickstarter page writes that it takes their artisans almost 200 steps to produce each pair of made-to-order John Candor Shoes. While it isn’t the cheapest or fastest production method, the company believes in classic construction techniques that stand the test of time and support the craftsmen’s skill.

John Candor Shoes in a video

Get 24/7 comfort and support from the orthotic insole

Want to feel comfortable in your shoes all day long? With this versatile footwear’s orthotic insole, you can. A podiatrist actually created the insole for professional athletes. The idea was to reduce foot and back fatigue on the players’ days off. The breathable polyurethane foam supports the arches and keeps them in a natural position, while the deep heel cup provides stability and balance.

Moreover, the insole has antimicrobial properties to keep you feeling and smelling fresh. So unpleasant foot scent can be a thing of the past with this versatile leather footwear.

This versatile leather footwear is super comfortable and looks like dress shoes John Candor Shoes cross-occasional footwear
John Candor Shoes in Tan

Choose from 4 unique styles

With the John Candor Shoes, you get four beautiful styles to choose from: The Dallas, The Texan, The Bold, and The Classic. Each comes in several color options and two different colored sets of shoelaces. And, of course, each style boasts a design that’s in-tune with its name. So The Dallas’s geometrically shaped quarter adds extra sophistication, while The Texan’s wrap-around quarter looks athletic.

Enjoy 2 sets of laces and an anti-slip tread

Your John Candor Shoes also come with two sets of laces. These let you switch up your style when you want to. And you can get even more colors as add-ons on the Kickstarter page. Meanwhile, a light, anti-slip tread combines with a stylish outsole. It’s this feature that makes this footwear ideal for your daily commute, travel, and any weather or occasion.

Wear these lightweight, flexible shoes anywhere

Even better, this versatile leather footwear won’t weigh you down. Lightweight at less than two pounds, they’re easy and comfortable to wear at work, outings, and any other occasion. They’re also flexible and match your foot’s natural movements. Say goodbye to rigid, inflexible footwear with these super comfortable leather shoes.

Buy durable leather shoes

Remember that expensive pair of shoes that fell apart just months after your purchase? You won’t have to worry about quality with the John Candor Shoes. The company’s Kickstarter page writes that it’s been designing and testing the collection since 2018. These shoes won’t fail to live up to your standards and can handle your commutes around town as well as playtime with your kids at the park.

Dress them up or dress them down

One of the best features of this versatile, leather footwear is that they really do fit any occasion. From work to social events, these shoes keep you looking good and feeling comfortable, anywhere. This is especially ideal for travel when your footwear needs to fulfill a variety of purposes.

Select eco-friendly, conscious footwear

And you’ll be happy to know that the John Candor Shoes keeps supports both eco-friendly and ethically conscious work practices. Its certified leather tanners use on-site water treatment plants that recycle, purify, and reuse water during the curing and tanning processes. The company also uses recyclable plastics in its soles, water-based adhesives, and recycled material in its packing.

Moreover, the John Candor Shoes are made consciously. The company believes that its workers are entitled to happy, balanced, and satisfying lives. For that reason, the company has committed to ensuring each of its employees receives fair wages with benefits, training opportunities, and safe working conditions.

The John Candor Shoes are comfortable, stylish, and custom-made. Unlike most brand-name shoes out there, these are handmade from high-quality leather, and their insoles were created with athletes in mind. Plus, the slip-resistant outsoles keep you stable, no matter what. For footwear that you can sport comfortably pretty much anywhere, look no further than these versatile leather shoes.

The John Candor Shoes cross-occasional footwear typically costs $180. You can preorder it on Kickstarter $109. What is your ideal shoe? Let us know about it in the comments.

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