This wearable bike signal is visible from up to 80 car lengths away

Improve your on-the-road safety with the Clic-Light. This wearable LED bike signal shines at 6,000 lumens, making you visible at any time of day.

This wearable bike signal is visible from up to 80 car lengths away
Clic-Light improves your visibility day or night

Stay safe on the road with the Clic-Light smart LED bike signal. This wearable bike signal system keeps you visible to other drivers in rainy weather and the pitch black of night.

Safety is a concern for anybody who rides a bicycle, motorcycle, or scooter. If you’re not adequately illuminated, other drivers may not see you.

Adding a third sidelight, like the Clic-Light, can make you easier to see. This particular gadget puts a bright light on your back, making you virtually unmissable. Let’s have a look at it!

Adapts to different types of transportation

One of the Clic-Light’s most important features is its adaptability. While it’s excellent for bicyclists and motorcyclists, this safety gadget doesn’t stop at bikes. As a wireless light signaling device, it also works with Segway and monowheel, ensuring that every personal vehicle can access enhanced safety.

Even runners, joggers, and riders can rely on this bike signal system to stand out on the road. Designed to be worn on your back over any clothing, it’s comfortable and convenient.

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Syncs with your vehicle’s signaling system

What’s more, the Clic-Light isn’t just a wearable LED light. It synchronizes with the turn signals and stop lights of your vehicle’s signal system.

How does this work? Well, the Clic-Light has 2 modes. One connects to a motorcycle’s rear signaling system with provided installation cables. The other mode works via a remote control that affixes to the handlebars of bikes and scooters, both classic and electric.

These modes send clear signals to other drivers while keeping your hands right where they should be: on the handlebars. A unique braking and signaling system, it offers plenty of visibility from all angles.

Boasts an easy-to-wear design

Wearing this bike gadget is easy and comfortable. Just pull it over any clothing or backpack.

The system is also compatible with the Clic-Light reflective backpack. According to the company, it offers the best comfort and visibility while being ideal for short daily trips.

Has 6 bike light signals

Then, you get 6 different signals with the Clic-Light. They include turn signal lights, hazard lights, fog lights, position lights, and stop lights.

So, when you want to turn left or right, the corresponding signal lights up on your back. It’s the same deal for the other lights.

We’re particularly impressed by the hazard lights and fog lights. These give bicyclists and motorcyclists the same lights as vehicles, increasing visibility.

Finally, the Clic-Light’s signals utilize internationally accepted road signals, ensuring that drivers everywhere can comprehend the lights, quickly and easily.

Provides high visibility for bike safety

The whole point of this wearable bike signal system is to make you more visible. But the Clic-Light takes that a step further; it makes you darn near unmissable. According to the company, this bike gadget helps others see you from any angle and up to 400 meters away at night.

Meanwhile, shining at 6,000 lumens of brightness, the light cuts through fog and other rough weather conditions. Truly, it’s a product that makes you safer on the road.

Then, since the signaling is positioned in the middle of your back, it’s in line with the eye level of other motorists, further aiding your visibility.

Keeps you autonomous while riding

Worried about the Clic-Light’s battery life? Don’t be. This gadget keeps you autonomous, running for up to 30 hours in position mode.

It recharges in 4 hours and 30 minutes, so you can bring it to a full charge in the morning before you ride or in the afternoon when you’re done. Once charged, the batteries can last for more than 10 days. Thankfully, the USB-C charging cable lets you plug it into any regular power outlet.

Withstands tough weather

Weather conditions aren’t always warm and sunny when you ride. This gadget’s creators understand. For that reason, they’ve made this wearable bike signal system impressively durable.

In fact, it has an IP65 waterproof rating and stays functional in temperatures from -10°C to 50°C, which is quite a range. This means that this wearable bike signal system can handle nearly any kind of weather—rainstorms, snow, and heat waves aren’t problematic.

Improves your safety in an innovative way

You’ve seen plenty of bike reflectors, taillights, and helmets with signals. Those are all useful, but the Clic-Light is unique since it offers a braking and signaling system in a wearable format.

Moreover, it’s compatible with a range of vehicles. Bicyclists, motorcyclists, skateboarders, and scooterists can all benefit from using the Clic-Light system. Overall, it’s an excellent way to share the road and alert others of your presence.

Get a Clic-Light of your own for a discounted price of $89 on Amazon. What bike gadgets do you use and love? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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