Would You Take The World’s First Digital Drug?

Would You Take The World’s First Digital Drug?
Thync is a neurosignalling wearable

In our ever-increasing stress-fueled world, we’re constantly coming up with new ways to relax and gain energy throughout our day. Some prefer yoga, some opt for an ice cold beer, while others need caffeine and some cold water in their face. With Thync, you can shift your state of mind digitally.

Thync is a neurosignalling wearable that, in just minutes, can influence your state of mind. Using state of the art technology and years of scientific research, the Thync team have come up with the simplest design to prepare you for each step of your day.

Neurosignalling is applying an energy waveform to a neutral structure, such as a nerve. Thync works by sending out Vibes, which safely and gently stimulate nerves on your head and face. It’s similar to getting a soothing neck massage or splash of cold water in your face: Vibes achieve the same effect with low-level electrical pulses. These pulses are sent through pathways to specific parts of the brain in order to re-balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Thync is made of three parts: the Module, the Strip, and the app. The Strip snaps into place of the Module, which is placed above your right eye (just steer clear of your hairline). The other end of the strip either goes behind your ear (for Energy) or on the back of your neck (for Calm) with adhesive. Using the Thync app, available for iOS for now, users can select Calm or Energy and, via Bluetooth, the Module activates and delivers Vibes.

Thync app

The Calm Vibes should make you physically relaxed, more aware of your breathing, less likely to react emotionally, and, in some cases, give you mild euphoria. The Energy Vibes, in contrast, make you more alert, focused, the motivation to be active, and a need to accomplish something. With the app, you’re able to tune the Vibes to be more or less intense for the best balance for you.

The Thync Module is matte white polycarbonate with an elegant curve design to sit flush with your skin. A white light illuminates to show battery level and Bluetooth pairing with the app. The Module is just one inch across and two inches long. The Thync Strips, coming in at 7.75 inches long, have medical-grade adhesive with skin-friendly hydrogel to be as comfortable as possible. They have 10kt gold-plated snaps for optimal connection with the Module. The kit comes with a charger, which gives the Module up to an hour of Vibe time and it can sync up to 30 feet.

The first question on everyone’s mind is whether or not Thync is safe. According to the creators, it was tested on thousands of volunteers while recording heart rate, pupil diameter, skin response, and biometric signals. Thync activates specific nerves to give you an ideal balance when you need it. Rather than drugs that need to be tweaked until they’re the right dosage, Thync is a temporary shift in mental state, either into deeper relaxation or increased energy. The user can detect the changes in their mental state and body and remove the device at any time. It’s considered a lifestyle device rather than a medical one and, therefore, doesn’t need to comply with FDA standards.

The Thync System, which comes with 10 Calm and 10 Energy strips, is available for $299 while additional strips can be purchased in packs of five for $19.99. Thync will begin to ship to US customers this month and globally in October.

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