Titanium Pen is the Ultimate Sophisticated Writing Tool You’ll Ever Need. Period.

Titanium Pen is the Ultimate Sophisticated Writing Tool You’ll Ever Need. Period.

The fact that a simple pen can sell for thousands of dollars isn’t just because of a craze. This stationery symbolizes a way you can speak out your thoughts! Ida Rentoul Outhwaite was very right when she said, “There is something magical in seeing what you can do, what texture and tone and color you can produce merely with a pen point and a bottle of ink.” But today’s generation is different. We are now heading towards a way where there are smart pens and pen scanners replacing the old ballpoint pen for a more tech-savvy lot. Even in such an age when a maker confidently says that his creation will stand out in the world of pens, there’s got to be something in it. That’s the pen we are here to discuss today.

Titanium Pen on Kickstarter

No, it’s got nothing to do with smart technology but those of you who love the sophisticated beauty of a classy pen like me will be drawn towards the “The One” for sure. In fact, creator Magnus Macdonald believes this is the world’s greatest Titanium Pen. Quoting him from the product’s Kickstarter page, “They laughed when I said I made a Titanium Pen….until I showed them this!”.

One of the Coolest Titanium Pens Ever Made

The One Titanium Pen was created because of the obvious flaws that exist in most pens we see around today. Some are thin to hold but excellent otherwise while there are others that would have external threads visible even after having the right thickness. The One pen is not anything close to being ordinary. It bears all the must-have and can’t-do-without features you’d expect your general pen to have and most importantly, the pricing is quite under normal budget too.

Titanium Pen

That is, if you’re into buying high-quality pens on a frequent basis. This pen isn’t produced like other pens and includes no cheap tube or sheet in the body or clip. No “hacking” of materials have been done in order to shape up this pen which consists of three separate components. All the components are machined out of solid Grade 5 Titanium and includes features that will compel you to go wow every time you come across this piece of beauty. Carrying it to office would seem like a classy journey altogether.

Titanium Pen parts

High-Quality Features in Store

Coming down to the features, the One pen bears a super-slick “click” cap mechanism that has been machined to aerospace-level tolerances. So you’ll get to enjoy a swift, easy, and satisfying “click” whenever you’re using it. The pen doesn’t use a hollow tube and has been beautifully crafted out of solid Grade 5 Titanium. Another interesting feature is the area where the cap meets the pen body. It has been carefully designed to mimic the finger grooves.

Titanium Pen review

That way, it’ll be difficult for you to tell where the pen ends and the cap begins. The same principle has been used with the tip and main body of the pen. The pen is designed to accept Mont Blanc “FineLiner” and “RollerBall” refills only so you need not worry about the pleasure of writing you’ll get to experience while using this beautiful pen. To make it easier for carrying outdoors, the pen also includes an integrated clip into the cap. A true three piece design in the world of stationery that’s definitely come here to stay!

Titanium Pen

Just the Right Size and Weight You Desire

Even the size of the Titanium Pen is a class and feels just the right weight when you’re handling it. You’ll get it in three polished finishes such as the Stealth finish, Blast finish and the Semi-Polished finish depending on your preference. The pen is currently available for pre-order only starting at $97 on Kickstarter.

Titanium Pen office gadget

The creator believes in maintaining perfection and quality so those of you who pre-order this classic piece will get the 100% Risk-Free Unconditional LIFETIME Guarantee from the manufacturer as well. For more information on pledge rewards and product details, head to the Kickstarter page right now! Don’t forget to share your experience with us once you have “The One” pen in your hand. Happy Gadgeting!

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