Tree Nanny 2.0 makes it easy to look after your Christmas tree

Like any plant, every Christmas tree needs a little tender loving care. If you easily forget to water your fir, Tree Nanny 2.0 can nudge you with a festive reminder.

Tree Nanny 2.0 makes it easy to look after your Christmas tree
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  • How much water does a Christmas tree need? A little, but not too much. Tree Nanny 2.0 can tell you exactly when and how to water your festive fir.

It seems a little early to be thinking about Christmas. But the fact is, we’re only 100 days away. By the time you’ve sorted out your Halloween costume and roasted the Thanksgiving turkey, the festive season will be in full swing.

One major Christmassy task that requires advance planning is the ordering of a tree. While some people use fake firs, many of us prefer the real thing.

Being a living, breathing slice of nature, your Christmas tree has a few basic needs. Tree Nanny 2.0 is a water monitoring device that tells you when your tree needs a little H2O. It can also reduce needle fall and add a fun festive soundtrack.

What is a water monitoring system?

When it comes to water, most plants have a Goldilocks zone. Too dry, and they will die of thirst. Too wet, and their roots can simply rot away.

Knowing how much water to give your Christmas tree can be tricky if you lack green fingers. But with Tree Nanny 2.0 installed, the process is simple.

[tweet_box]If you easily forget to water your festive fir, Tree Nanny 2.0 can nudge you with a festive reminder.[/tweet_box]

This device has three probes — each of a different length — that stick into the soil. Using these probes, Tree Nanny 2.0 is able to detect the moisture content within the soil at the base of your tree.

christmas tree 04

The full kit

When your tree needs watering, the device plays “Jingle Bells” or a 10-second custom audio clip. Tree Nanny 2.0 can also sound a chime to prevent you (or your inept family) from overwatering your poor tree.

Happy tree = handsome tree

christmas tree 02

Easy watering

Aside from keeping your tree happy, there is an important reason to keep it watered.

When any tree senses drought, it starts shedding leaves. In the wild, this survival instinct can help the tree to keep going until the next rain. In your home, it means a carpet covered in needles.

christmas tree 03

No-mess funnel

By nudging you to water your Christmas fir, Tree Nanny 2.0 ensures your festive foliage will stay looking fresh. In addition, the set comes with a specially designed watering funnel. This means you don’t have to crawl under your decorated tree with a watering can.

“Watering your Christmas tree shouldn’t be a chore, it should be just as fun as the rest of the holiday season! The Tree Nanny 2.0 is a water monitoring device that plays a joyful jingle when your tree’s water levels drop too low.” — LandMarc Products on Kickstarter

What we like

Water monitoring systems are not new, but Tree Nanny 2.0 offers a festive twist. The fact you can record your own audio reminder is also great fun.

The downsides

The only problem with Tree Nanny 2.0 is that you still have to water your tree. If you have an idle streak, a fully automated system might better suit your needs.


– Kickstarter: Until September 23rd

– Pledge: $25 USD

– Delivery: November 2018

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