The upgraded Onewheel GT electric skateboard is built for adventure

Looking for a futuristic skateboard that lets you channel the spirit of Marty McFly? Check out Onewheel's newly improved GT electric skateboard. It features more horsepower than before—plus a slew of quality-of-life enhancements. You don't want to miss it!

The upgraded Onewheel GT electric skateboard is built for adventure
Onewheel GT electric skateboard is loaded with improvements

Ready for a new way to get around? Why walk or even cycle when you can ride a slick futuristic electric skateboard.

Introducing the upgraded Onewheel GT. This super cool gadget is designed to get you around in style but is built to keep up with active lifestyles and rugged activities.

With fast speeds and built-in LEDs, this is a pretty nifty device. Let’s check it for ourselves and see what it can do!

The upgraded Onewheel GT electric skateboard is built for adventure
Onewheel GT brings more range and horsepower than before

Even more power than before with higher voltage

Onewheel made quite a few significant improvements to the previous model GT, and it all starts with power. The GT features an enhanced powerband with increased voltage and torque. There’s also dynamic performance that works across all speeds—not to mention 3 horsepower. That’s pretty darn good if you ask us.

A heftier battery to go even faster and farther

The GT electric skateboard steps things up a notch by being able to go faster and farther than ever. It includes 21700 batteries for peak performance. This way you can achieve a 32-mile range on a single charge.

With the previously mentioned power improvements, you even hit speeds up to 20 mph. More usage time, range, and speed are all a huge plus.

Onewheel GT electric skateboard in action

Quality-of-life improvements like advanced controls

Adding to the effectiveness of an upgraded model comes a myriad of quality-of-life improvements. The Onewheel GT has grippier grip tape, custom rubber tire profiles, and concave footpads. The tire tread in the new version is another area where the GT brings additional design support for rugged activities.

Bright LEDs and Onewheel app connectivity

The GT electric skateboard also features brighter LEDs. They offer 300% more lumens than the XR version and feature a brand new high beam light to further illuminate the path ahead. You can also now connect the official Onewheel app to customize your board, check device status, and share data with friends.

The upgraded Onewheel GT electric skateboard is built for adventure
Onewheel GT electric skateboard is perfect for rugged terrain

Wide terrain compatibility

It’s clear that Onewheel went out of its way in designing the new GT electric skateboard. It comes loaded with refinements big and small, from huge upgrades in power to the finer details that impact user experience.

Onewheel goes above and beyond to bring its customers a quality experience. This way, you can not only traverse a wide range of environments but also do it in the best way possible.

For those looking for a futuristic skateboard that can handle smooth roads or rugged terrain, this is definitely worth looking into. Brighter LEDs, custom tires, extra horsepower, and even official app support all make it a worthwhile investment for anyone who enjoys this kind of tech.

You can get the Onewheel GT electric skateboard from the official website for $2,200.

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