Urban Circus Jacket Combines Fashion and High Visibility

Urban Circus Jacket Combines Fashion and High Visibility

There’s a reason many of us don’t wear the proper safety attire while out at night: it’s ugly. Whether it’s a neon vest or a super reflective accessory, these articles of clothing scream unfashionable. Save for full reflective wear coming into fashion, there’s only one way to stay safe and stylish: Urban Circus. This apparel is ideal because it:
– meets high visibility standards
– integrates with your style
– is loaded with convenient features

Urban Circus was developed to ensure people can be seen even at night. Great for cycling, exercise, or simply walking along the street in the dark, being seen is imperative to your safety.

high visibility jacket

Be Safe and Seen Everywhere

Adhering to ISO 20471 high visibility standards, the Urban Circus jacket, called the Jongleur 5.0, is equipped with some beautifully designed material. This material stands out in the dark even with the smallest light source. One portion is fluorescent and comes in unique patterns. The gray fabric is totally reflective and helps with visibility with flashes of light.

fluorescent jacket

Fashion and Safety

This ultra plush and functional jacket is available in three options of fluorescent colors: yellow, green, or red. Additionally, the entire jacket is reversible so you can opt for form over function in just seconds. Going beyond visibility, the Jongleur 5.0 is both waterproof and snowproof to keep you cozy in any weather.

jacket with GPS pocket

All the Bells and Whistles

To make life even easier, the Urban Circus team has added details to the jacket you don’t normally see. On the left arm is a touch-responsive pocket for your smartphone which makes following GPS directions a total breeze in any weather. Complete with a fashionable longer cut, the Jongleur 5.0 also features built-in mittens as well as six pockets. To top it all off, the jacket is finished with both front and back LED blinkers so you can indicate any turns in your movements.

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What We Love

We love seeing such safety standards integrated with fashion. With this beautiful apparel, there’s no excuse for not being seen on busy streets or even dark roads in the countryside.

What We’d Like in the Future

Although the style is modern and flattering, we’d love to see even more innovation for clothing during warmer seasons. Urban Circus tank tops, anyone?

reflective jacket


Kickstarter: Campaign ends December 21st
Pledge: $115 will get you the Jongleur 5.0 Light without any extra features while $169 gets you the fully loaded Jongleur 5.0 with all the bells and whistles
Delivery: January 2017

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