This versatile athleisure shoe keeps your feet in a healthy position

You can go from running errands right to your workout when you have this versatile athleisure shoe. It features a natural fit that you can wear all day long. Keep reading this blog to find out more about this super comfortable shoe.

This versatile athleisure shoe keeps your feet in a healthy position
Flux Adapt athleisure shoe on a person

Have you ever wished there were a pair of shoes you could wear both throughout the day and during workouts? If you’re already wearing appropriate footwear, that’s one less item of clothing you have to hunt down before you go for your run or start a training video. Thankfully, that ideal shoe already exists. I’m talking about the Flux Adapt athleisure shoe. These versatile athletic shoes are great for all-day wear, during home workouts, and exercise at the gym.

The Flux Adapt athleisure shoe looks like a stylish leisure shoe, and it is. Featuring flat white soles, this shoe is great for running errands and walking around town or the park. It also comes in three cool colors: White, Black/White, and Blackout, an all-black design. So you’ll definitely feel like you’re in fashion wearing it. But best of all, this shoe features a unique design that keeps your foot in a healthy position, no matter what activity you’re doing.

What is AdaptSol Technology?

This versatile athletic shoe has AdaptSol Technology. According to the company’s Indiegogo page, this technology consists of three parts: the AdaptKnit Upper, AdaptSol Cushion, and the AdaptSol Tread. The AdaptKnit Upper features recycled knit with a four-way stretch on the upper part of the shoe. The AdaptSol is the sole and is made using independent, floating cushion pods that give you greater control and spatial awareness over your feet. Finally, the AdaptSol is the tread and works together with the inner cushion to adapt to your foot’s shape to give you that barefoot-like feel.

Flux Adapt athleisure shoe

Flux Adapt athleisure shoe on a person walking

Is this shoe flexible?

It sure is. Flux Adapt athleisure shoe’s flexibility lies with the AdaptSol, which allows this shoe to move with your foot. The company says it’s a shoe experience unlike anything you’ve experienced. The rubber tread and adaptive insole give you a new level of movement that you’ll love.

Flux Adapt Athleisure Shoe

Flux Adapt athleisure shoe on a person jumping

How does this leisure shoe keep your foot in a natural position?

The makes of Flux Adapt say that most shoes on the market have a slightly raised heel. This causes your tendons to shorten and weaken, which isn’t an exciting prospect for anyone. This versatile athletic shoe, however, has no heel elevation. It’s a feature that the company calls a natural zero drop, keeping your foot stable and strong as you move. So Flux Adapt keeps your feet in a healthier, natural position.

Flux Adapt Athleisure Shoe

Flux Adapt athleisure shoe during a training session

Is this everyday shoe good for workouts?

The company says it has meticulously researched the optimal toe box width for athletic activity. The toes of this versatile athletic shoe aren’t too loose or too tight, allowing for freedom of movement. It also supports natural motion while minimizing slips when you move from side to side. So Flux Adapt will keep you ready for all of your training sessions.

Flux Adapt Athleisure Shoe

Flux Adapt athleisure shoe on a man

Can you wash Flux Adapt in the washing machine?

You won’t have to worry about stinky shoes when you have Flux Adapt. That’s because you can throw this footwear in the washing machine when they get dirty, just as you do with your clothes. So you’ll always have squeaky clean shoes that are easy to maintain.

Flux Adapt Athleisure Shoe

Flux Adapt athleisure shoe on a woman walking

Is this casual shoe good for night workouts?

This versatile athleisure shoe boasts reflective logos, improving your visibility at dusk or night. So instead of going for night jogs with your typical running shoes, Flux Adapt adds a little extra shine to your walk, keeping drivers and other people on the road aware of your presence.

Flux Adapt Athleisure Shoe

Flux Adapt athleisure shoe on a man jumping rope

Who can wear this shoe?

Just about anyone can wear this athleisure shoe. Flux Adapt has unisex sizing. It fits men from sizes 4–14 and women from sizes 6–16. So the company produces quite a range of sizes, and you can get matching shoes to wear with your partner. In our opinion, that’s a pretty cool product.

The Flux Adapt athleisure shoe is an all-around great shoe. It looks stylish and keeps your foot in a healthy position. Best of all, it’s super comfortable with its sole that moves with you and works with the tread for that comfortable, barefoot-feeling. These shoes make a great addition to anyone’s closet. They also make a great gift for the busy person in your life.

The Flux Adapt athleisure shoe costs $85. You can preorder yours on Indiegogo.

What do you think about this super versatile shoe? Let us know what qualities your ideal shoe has in the comments.

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