Vifa Wireless Loudspeaker is What Can Keep a Modern Music Lover Happily Engaged With Authentic Sound and Exclusive Design

Vifa Wireless Loudspeaker is What Can Keep a Modern Music Lover Happily Engaged With Authentic Sound and Exclusive Design

With the back-to-back reviews on modernistic speakers and music gadgets, it’s worth saying that the audio industry is indeed setting their own benchmark in terms of creating ecstatic designs these days. The focus is not only on introducing high-quality sound output but also on the design which has literally kept consumers awestricken all this while. It was only last week when we saw the world’s first levitating speaker which is already doing big rounds in the tech world. Prior to that, there have been recent additions in modifying the gramophone as well as speakers that can change music with a twist of the palm. Now, all these incredible innovations does boil down to one question – What else can we expect from the world of audio we’ve never seen before!

Vifa Copenhagen loudspeaker

Contrary to the unconventional concepts that have got its place in the music world, there still lies a large section of the audience who prefer listening to their favorite music on their same old speaker by the table. What if there was an innovation exclusively made for such consumers with a certain twist in design that looks way more classy but without losing the standard way a loudspeaker works. Ever since early 1930’s, Vifa has been a preferred supplier of loudspeakers based out of Denmark which clearly says the kind of precision and efficiency the brand maintains while creating their musical masterpieces. With that being their background in providing high-quality audio devices, the brand has now stepped forward into bringing a new series of portable and wireless loudspeakers which have got everything you’d expect from your sound device anyday. Just as Jaime Derringer from Design Milk says, “It embodies everything that Dieter Rams would be proud of.”

Vifa Loudspeaker with Danish design

Nordic Design in Your Everyday Music Speaker

Since the design of these new set of loudspeakers are based on the Nordic design traditions, they have been named after the Nordic capitals starting from Copenhagen itself. The fact that these gracefully looking speakers have the technical expertise of Vifa and the classic Nordic design is enough to have your eyes on them the very first time. It’s a loudspeaker that showcases the immense detailing in craftsmanship that went behind the creation of such an elegant looking music accessory you can carry anywhere and everywhere. The beatbox style handle and the simple to use interface just fits into your environment effortlessly which is what a music lover looks forward to having everyday. It’s as they say on the website, “It’s pure enjoyment in every detail.”

Copenhagen loudspeaker from Vifa

The shape of Copenhagen as well as the materials used in manufacturing clearly symbolizes the Nordic aspect of the design. Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles, Kvadrat, is behind the production of the textile cover which looks marvelously warm and durable so that you don’t doubt your Copenhagen’s longevity by any chance. It’s the effect of the textile on the smooth, matte polished aluminum frame which gives the speaker that ultimate visual appeal one goes crazy at. Together with this, there’s the subtle presence of the embossed logo and embroidered volume buttons on the loudspeaker as well which kind of makes the whole thing look compact and easy to use at the same time. They come in six, vibrant colors such as Sunset Red, Sand Yellow, Ocean Blue, Ice Blue, Anthracite Grey, and Pebble Grey, each of which look equally bright and cheery to have beside you while you entertain yourself with music time and again.

Absolute Class in the World of Loudspeakers

To make the loudspeaker look exquisitely stylish in design, the Vifa team collaborated with the Danish innovation and design consultancy design-people. Henrik Mathiassen, Design & Creative Director at design-people was of great help in the design process which has shaped such an elegant craft you’d love to have beside you both for peaceful as well as celebration moments. Copenhagen can be connected via Bluetooth (aptX), Apple AirPlay or dlna (supports Wi-Fi Direct) to almost any cell phone, tablet and PC or Mac. It doesn’t require any pre-setting and can be easily adjusted with the free Vifa iOS app (Android version coming soon) for a more enriched musical experience, both indoors and outdoors.

Vifa Loudspeaker

The art of combining technology and design in such a beautiful way is definitely worth having as a precious piece of gadgetry. As the Vifa team rightly says, “Only human talent, the love of music, and an uncompromising attitude to quality can make this happen.” Get set to enjoy the finesse of fine detailing in your everyday loudspeaker that comes all the way from the Nordic capital Copenhagen to sit beside you and play your favorite tracks with ease throughout the day. As told by Perfectlounge, the speaker will be released on the website as well as through selected retailers soon this year, the recommended price of which is said to be around 899 EUR. Happy Gadgeting!

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