Vitchelo Headlamp Helps Campers See in the Dark

Vitchelo Headlamp Helps Campers See in the Dark

Over 40.1 million Americans head for camping every year. That shows how spirited this generation is towards going for an adventure or a hiking trip. Naturally, when you go for a camping trip, you need to make sure you have the most important necessities with you. This could be anything from the tent to the lantern to solar chargers and more. But one thing I have often seen my friends complain about is the lighting solution in the dark. Flashlights have been there with us all this while, but somehow it remains the same old bulky product you don’t wish to carry around all the time. Imagine going to the woods in search of logs and carrying a flashlight with you. It will never let you work hands-free and will always pose to be a difficulty when it comes to keeping it somewhere as a lighting source. I think headlamps are the new flashlights campers will like to make use of.

Light Up Your Way With Vitchelo

But obvious, headlamps have their disadvantages too. Most of them don’t give you the range you desire and are often not waterproof to save you through those rainy days.

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And since the whole thing needs to be worn on the head, it becomes quite a pain to handle that bulk while you find your way out in the dark. My hopes of coming across a convenient solution that will help campers find their way in the dark were nearly nill when I found the Vitchelo Headlamp. If you thought headlamps cannot be your best camping companion, it’s time to change that thought!

Vitchelo Headlamp Helps Campers See in the Dark

The previous model of Vitchelo called the V800 has been nominated as the best headlamp for casual use by TheWireCutter. But now with their upgraded version called the V800 PLUS, you can expect more features and a truly better performance altogether.


Six Lighting Modes to Choose From

At first, what makes Vitchelo one of a kind is the presence of a red LED, a steady red light that makes reading more practical among other benefits. Two separate press buttons will help you switch between the white and red lighting modes with ease.

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The high beam distance goes as far as 110 meters that will make you see through the dark during those night-time outdoor activities. Just to add to the whole setup, there are six lighting modes you can choose from.

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Waterproof Design With Long Battery Life

The headband that has been selected here is soft, durable and excellent looking. Not only this, but you will also get an extended battery life of 120 hours and a waterproof design (IPX6) if you have this headlamp. Be it for running, jogging, camping, fishing, hunting & shooting, reading, hiking, caving, climbing, biking, kayaking, housing, construction work, auto repair, walking a dog at night hands-free, the Vitchelo headlamp can accompany you for any outdoor night task. Simply wear it and light up your way for $29.95 only. What feature attracts you the most towards it?

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