Enjoy a Warm Massage on the Move with VascoPillow

Enjoy a Warm Massage on the Move with VascoPillow

Even at the best of times, long-distance travel can be pretty exhausting. Your reward for wading through endless security checks is a cramped seat, in which you must remain for 12 hours. You need a vacation just to get over that kind of trauma. Thankfully, there is one way to make epic journeys a little more comfortable. The memory foam VascoPillow travel pillow provides luxurious neck support throughout your flight. Better still, the pillow rocks you to sleep with a relaxing warm massage.

– Patented memory foam design keeps your neck aligned properly

– Built-in massage system reduces stress levels by mimicking deep-tissue Shiatsu massage

– Also uses heat therapy to promote circulation and blood flow

Warm Massage Meditation

If you didn’t know better, you would think that airplane seats were designed to keep you awake. Unless you’re lucky enough to travel in business class, you won’t be reclining very far. You normally have to share the armrest with your overweight neighbor, while the chairs provide little by way of back support.

At least VascoPillow should keep your neck comfy. This innovative wraparound travel pillow takes a three-pronged approach to airborne comfort.

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While the memory foam design provides excellent support, the built-in massage system helps to relieve stress. The pillow also keeps your neck warm, which will aid circulation.

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Soft Yet Firm

At a glance, you could easily mistake VascoPillow for a plush toy. The dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic cover looks just like the fluffy material used to replicate fur.

That’s quite apt, given that this pillow gives the wearer a warm hug. In fact, it’s designed to keep your arteries warm. This allows the blood to flow freely through your limbs, even when you’re locked in the middle seating row for half a day.

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For many people, such coziness should be enough to induce sleepiness. As you nod off, VascoPillow keeps your neck in proper alignment, thanks to a patented memory foam construction. This ensures you won’t wake up in pain.

The only downside of using memory foam is that the pillow does not fold flat. This won’t be an issue for most travelers, but folks who are traveling light may have some reservations.

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Ripple Massage

For the space it occupies, however, VascoPillow does offer impressive features. Along with the aforementioned warmth and support, the pillow will even give you a massage.

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This is not like the simple vibrating cushions you usually see. Instead, VascoPillow delivers a rhythmic pattern, mimicking the deep-tissue massage of Shiatsu. This should bring down your stress levels and ease those stiff shoulders.

“Millions of people around the world travel daily and arrive uncomfortably at their work and dream destinations. Nothing is quite as exhausting as arriving at your destination fatigued, stressed, and irritable.”
“Our newest venture, VascoPillow, is designed to relieve the pain and fatigue frequent flyers often experience. We hope you believe that travel should be a joy, not a pain, by helping us bring this project to life! ” — ARNIMATE on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

In combination, the features of this pillow should help anyone sleep like a baby.

Future Designs

The fluffy cover looks a bit warm for summer vacations — can we have a cool version?


– Kickstarter: Until January 10th

– Pledge: $29 USD

– Delivery: May 2018

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