Want Whiter Teeth? The Unico Smartbrush Will Make You Smile

Want Whiter Teeth? The Unico Smartbrush Will Make You Smile

Brush twice every day and floss — dentists must get sick of giving out the same old advice. The problem is, dental hygiene comes beneath work, parenting, household chores, and virtually everything else on the to-do list. Besides, you’re busy — just having the time to think about brushing would be nice. That’s where the Unico Smartbrush makes a big difference. This ingenious device uses patented technology to clean your teeth in three seconds flat. It’s an amazing shortcut to owning whiter teeth.

– Handsfree Smartbrush cleans teeth in three seconds using an array of tiny brushes

– Device uses circular cleaning motion and injects toothpaste onto each tooth

– Available in multiple sizes and easy to clean with supplied UV light

The Secret to Whiter Teeth

Our teeth are perfectly shaped for slicing through meat and chewing greens. But the very same shape makes them difficult to clean properly. Each tooth has several contoured surfaces, some of which are hidden. Consequently, dentists say that you must brush your teeth for at least three minutes to make it worthwhile.

Even the most skillful human brusher cannot compete with Unico. This system slots over your gnashers like a sports mouthguard. Each tooth has its own dedicated cleaning brushes, which clean every surface in seconds.

[tweet_box]This ingenious device uses patented technology to clean your teeth in three seconds flat[/tweet_box]

The lightweight device even injects toothpaste right where it’s needed. It’s pretty much an automatic car wash for your smile.

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Patented Technology

As with mouthguards, the Unico Smartbrush comes in several different sizes. As a result, you get a precision fit.

This matters, because the Smartbrush works on a very detailed level. Your teeth slide into an array of micro-brushes that are powered by an external ultrasonic electric motor. In turn, the motor draws its power from a battery inside the same unit. This part stays outside your mouth — a little cumbersome, but nothing to worry about.

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The brushes oscillate in small circles, mimicking the manual brushing technique recommended by dentists. During the cleaning process, the Smartbrush squirts a small drop of toothpaste onto each tooth. This cuts wastage, and Unico toothpaste also doubles as sterilizing mouthwash.

From when you hit the start button, the whole cleaning process takes just three seconds. That seems impossible until you understand Unico’s patented design.

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Speedy Clean

With a manual brush, you have to go around each tooth individually. In contrast, the Smartbrush cleans each side of every tooth at the same time. This reduces the cleaning time from 180 seconds to three.

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If you prefer a longer clean, you can adjust the settings of your Smartbrush via the Unico smartphone app. The oral hygiene device even stores different settings for each member of your family.

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Once you’re done with cleaning, you simply place the Smartbrush in the supplied Dock. This includes a UV light, which keeps the bristles clean and fresh.

“Thanks to its design, Unico is able to clean all the exposed tooth surfaces at the same time; the result is that your mouth will be perfectly clean in just 1.87 seconds! We brought the total time up to 3 seconds just to give you an even more effective cleansing and to give you the time to at least quickly do your hair or spray on some perfume while you are using it.” — Unico on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

Whiter teeth without the associated chores. Just pop in this device for a few seconds each morning, and you’re done.

Future Designs

A smaller battery pack would be very welcome.


– Kickstarter: December 9th

– Pledge: $116.57 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get 5% off!

– Delivery: February 2018


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