Why should you have a pre-launch page on Indiegogo?

The success of your crowdfunding campaign doesn't begin after launch. It actually starts well before you go live. Now, with the pre-launch pages on Indiegogo, you can grab attention and secure backers with ease.

Why should you have a pre-launch page on Indiegogo?
  • This pre-launch page service by Indiegogo is currently free of charge.
  • Dragon’s Lair collected over 3,000 email addresses from the pre-launch page service. They raised nearly $100k for their campaign in the first 24 hours.
  • According to Indiegogo, an average of 5% conversion occurs from the launch announcement emails.

After having worked with over 4ooo crowdfunding campaigns, we can vouch for the fact that those with a pre-launch landing page always have an edge over others. A pre-launch presence is crucial for any crowdfunding campaign for several reasons. The most important reason is the fact that it helps you get proper feedback from your potential backers even before you launch the campaign. It’s like getting the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) out there before launching your business. There aren’t any disadvantages to having a pre-launch page. Contrarily, there are a number of advantages you can definitely consider. Now with the new pre-launch page service from Indiegogo, it’s easier than ever.

Pre-launch page service on Indiegogo

Pre-launch page service on Indiegogo

Why do you need a pre-launch page?

Out of all the major reasons, these are the most crucial:

  1. To grab initial email subscribers. According to Indiegogo, emails can convert 34% more compared to other forms of outreach. So, if you are able to gather emails even before launching your campaign, you can get the word out sooner when it’s time to launch.
  2. For getting initial feedback on your project idea and whether or not people are actually interested in the concept.
  3. For giving your campaign a vital big push even before it launches. The first 24 hours of your campaign are what matters most in terms of generating buzz. If you have enough subscribers from the pre-launch page, you can always target them to be the first backers for your campaign.

How does the Indiegogo pre-launch page work?

The Indiegogo team has made sure that the pre-launch page service is as easy as can be. All you have to do is:

  1. Set up the page with great visuals in the background.
  2. Use a relevant title and tagline to describe your project/product idea.
  3. Implement a strong call-to-action to make users sign up for your newsletter service.
  4. Link your social media profiles for extra engagement.

The setup process takes about 15 minutes and is mobile-friendly at the same time. Plus, the entire service is also free. At the end of the pre-launch campaign, you will get all the email signups in a .csv file format. Then, you can use those contacts to gain momentum for your project within those crucial first 24 hours.

Some examples you need to check

Campaigns have already started using this service with positive results. Some of the most epic examples are:

Pilot Translating Earpiece

They got over 30,000 email addresses through the Pre-Launch Page service and went on to raise $1M in 2 hours.

Pilot pre-launch Indiegogo campaign

Pilot pre-launch Indiegogo campaign


They’ve collected over 11,000 email addresses and counting with the Pre-Launch Page for AIRIA.

AIRIA pre-launch Indiegogo campaign

AIRIA pre-launch Indiegogo campaign

What makes this service important is the way it gives you the opportunity to start getting the attention of your audience even before you launch your crowdfunding campaign. If you are on the verge of creating a pre-launch campaign, this page service is definitely worth a try.

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