Wistiki Connected Jewels: Proving Style and Functionality Work in Small Packages

Wistiki Connected Jewels: Proving Style and Functionality Work in Small Packages

We are people here, right? We all lose stuff occasionally, whether it’s a smartphone, a small animal, a wallet. Wouldn’t be nice to have a gadget attach to your most misplaced devices so you always know where they are? Well, Bluetooth trackers aren’t a new concept but stylish and well made ones are hard to find for a decent price. That’s where Wistiki comes in. They’re running an Indiegogo campaign where you can get any combination of 3 different styles and 4 different colors for a great price. Seeing as Wistiki is already a proven company, you can bet on them to deliver on their promises. But let’s get into the actual gadgets themselves!



The Wistiki connected jewels come in 3 shapes with a dedicated name for each. They’re quite jovial names, I can see someone had a good chuckle when naming them. There’s the ahā!, hopla!, and voilà! because you’ll be inspired to shout their names when you use them successfully. ahā! is shaped like a medal or pendant, hopla! is like a credit card, and voilà! is looks like a USB drive. Different shapes for different uses but for the same price. Then there are the color options which allow for even more differentiation. It’s nice to see a bit of choice for a cheaper device. There’s pink, purple, orange, and yellow.

The actual design of the Wistiki is worthy of note as well. They look to be made out of metal but the colored bits are see through so you get a cool glimpse of the technology inside.


What It Does

The principle behind the Wistiki jewels is simple: use an app and Bluetooth to pair the jewels to your phone and then use the app to pinpoint the location of the jewels when you can’t find them. We’ve heard this kind of strategy before but Wistiki throws in a few special features to set its trackers apart from the rest. First, the trackers last for 3 years on one battery. You just can’t beat that kind of longevity. Second, the range of tracking is 330 feet with line of sight. This is a fantastic range and walking around your house will help you find the Wistiki jewels no problem.

They’re also waterproof and durable but there’s a twist on the tracking which will make Wistiki a leader in tracking devices. If you leave the Wistiki jewel in a place farther than 330 feet away. you might think you have no chance of locating it. However, if a person with the Wistiki app walks by your jewel, it will update the position of your jewel. Theoretically, this will make your jewel impossible not to find. In practice, you can have your friends download the app, log in to your account, and help you look for the jewel as a group. If you’re looking for a tracking device, the Wistiki Connected Jewels are what you need.

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