These seasoned wood chips are our new grill obsession

Humans have been adding a smoky flavor to meat since—well, we harnessed fire. There's something so complex and authentic about smoked meat. The flavors seem to belong together in a way that's hard to describe. Maybe it's because smoked meat has nourished us for generation upon generation so that its almost a part of us. If you agree with me, then you should check out these wood chips.

These seasoned wood chips are our new grill obsession
SmokeStack Gourmet Seasoned Wood Chips on a Gas Grill

In modern cooking, good smoke is hard to replicate in a conventional oven or on a gas grill. To get the best flavor, you need a smoker. But those are bulky and kind of tricky to set up. But maybe that’s not the only way to get an excellent woodfired flavor. SmokeStack Gourmet Seasoned Wood Chips impart a campfire flavor to your meat, no matter where you are.

This gadget has a clever design. SmokeStack Seasoned Wood Chips come with a patented smoking canister in the shape of a circular metal box with a small hole at the top. Just put your seasoned wood chips inside the canister then place it in your grill or oven. As your meat cooks, the smoke releases from the canister and flavors your food. Best of all, the makers have designed the chips to not catch on fire or-over season your food. This way, you’ll always get a perfect flavor. There couldn’t be a simpler way to get that taste.

SmokeStack Gourmet Seasoned Wood Chips

Gourmet Seasoned Chips on a Wooden Table

SmokeStack Gourmet Seasoned Wood Chips

SmokeStack Gourmet Seasoned Wood Chips with Meat on a Grill

SmokeStack Gourmet Seasoned Wood Chips

Gourmet Seasoned Chips at a Campsite

SmokeStack Gourmet Seasoned Wood Chips

SmokeStack Gourmet Seasoned Wood Chips with a Man

These wood chips have organic spices

Unlike other commercial barbecue helpers, SmokeStack Wood Chips are finely ground and seasoned with organic herbs and spices. This way, you’re sure to get a natural taste in your meat that you can feel good about. No artificial or manufactured flavors here.

You don’t have to soak this barbecue kit

Also, some barbecue enhancers must be soaked well before you start cooking, up to a couple of hours in advance. While there’s a time and place for menus that are planned a day or two ahead, we all know that it’s not always possible. Sometimes you decide an hour before dinner what you want to eat. And why should you pay a penalty for that? Luckily, these wood chips require absolutely no pre-soaking, letting your meats and vegetables have a gourmet touch anytime.

Enjoy smoked meat anywhere

I mentioned before that traditional smokers take up a lot of space–quite the opposite of portable. But the truth is, people enjoy the flavor of smoked food most when they’re outdoors and close to nature. SmokeStack wood chips help bridge that gap since they are small and you can carry them pretty much anywhere. So at your next camping adventure, you can enjoy smoked chicken with zero hassle. This barbecue kit is also great for tailgate parties, parks, road trips, vacations, and much more.

Use this cooking gadget indoors or outdoors

SmokeStack seasoned wood chips are also incredibly versatile. Unlike other home food smokers, you aren’t limited to using them just on your charcoal grill. You can use these wood chips to obtain a woodfired flavor on an electric or gas grill, in your oven, or on a stovetop. Yup, that’s right, you can even cook with indoors with these wood chips and get a smoky flavor in your weeknight hamburgers. And with the mesquite, hickory, applewood, and classic oak versions, your meat will have a restaurant quality.

You can cold smoke with this gadget

Do you like making your own jerky? You can use these seasoned wood chips for ‘cold smoking’ jerky or meats. Just use a heat source (like an electric burner or Sterno) and place a filled SmokeStack container slightly suspended above it, under your grill’s ash removal vent at the bottom of your grill. Or, if your grill doesn’t have an ash removal vent, place the heat source and container at the bottom of the grill. Smoke your meat on the unheated metal grating until the container stops smoking (about 20-40 minutes). Let your meat rest for another 20 minutes and you’ll have homemade, cold-smoked jerky. If you want a heavier smoked flavor, just repeat the procedure.

SmokeStack Seasoned Wood Chips and their included canister are an exciting, convenient way to add a delicious smoky flavor to your food. As someone who has struggled to keep a woodfired smoker at just the right temperature for hours on end, this is a gadget I can appreciate. And who doesn’t want to enjoy smoked meat any night of the week? These wood chips make smoked meat easy to include in your everyday cooking repertoire.

You can buy SmokeStack Seasoned Wood Chips for $10.95 on the company’s official website.

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