Wool Fresh: The World’s Best Work Socks

Wool Fresh: The World’s Best Work Socks

People wear socks specifically to work out and play sports, why not select socks for just everyday work? Wool Fresh Socks aims to change the well-earned stereotype of having the most pungent, rank, noxious feet after a long day of work by preventing the odor buildup. Wool Fresh is a fabric technology developed by enhancing the inherent properties of wool, so it is even more functional and durable.

By putting Wool Fresh into socks, your feet will be cool, comfortable, and clean. Wool Fresh works by trapping the odor itself and breaking it down into fresh particles over the course of 7 hours which are then released into the air. Trapping and giving out the odor erases it while released the broken down particles effectively cleans the socks without needing to wash them. The result is better smelling feet.

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Wool Fresh Socks also reduce moisture thus keeping your feet comfortable and cool, unlike traditional socks which trap moisture leaving your feet feeling wet and warm.

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Additionally, Wool Fresh Socks also reduce the bacteria that produce the odor; bacteria feeds on sweat, and the natural byproduct smells bad. Wool Fresh counters this by reducing the bacteria.

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All in all, Wool Fresh Socks uses four separate methods to help your feet smell better and stay clean. A nice touch is how Wool Fresh Socks are good for the environment as well thanks to the renewable resource of wool. If you have trouble with smelly feet, the Wool Fresh Socks may just be the solution.

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