Work Smarter (Not Harder) With IPunch Smart Gloves

Work Smarter (Not Harder) With IPunch Smart Gloves

With the rise of Fitbit, Jawbone’s UP and a number of other activity-monitoring wearables and apps, it’s clear that technology is moving in a clear direction of ‘work smarter, not harder’ when it comes to exercising. That trend continues with a brand new development in fitness tech called ‘IPunch’.

Using in-glove sensors and Bluetooth technology, IPunch is designed to help MMA enthusiasts measure the strength of their punches and track their progress via an app for iOS and Android. Through features like IPunch Trainer, 3 Minute Round and Test of Strength, users will be able to use IPunch to gather metrics on their performance. Here’s a quick rundown of what IPunch will offer:

IPunch Trainer

IPunch Trainer is designed for both beginners and MMA vets who are looking to improve their skills. With routines that guide your workout and adaptive instructions that keep challenging you as you develop, IPunch Trainer is a useful tool for anyone looking to carve out or change up their training regimen.

3 Minute Round

The 3 Minute Round feature is designed to help you analyze your performance on a round-by-round basis. The concept behind this feature is simple: put your phone in your pocket, go three minutes on the bag or pads, then take a look at your punch-by-punch analysis. IPunch breaks your round into jabs, hooks and uppercuts and measures the strength of each blow. This feature is great for measuring your objective progress over time.


Test of Strength

Designed to ‘gamify’ your workout, the Test of Strength feature lets you go up against your friends and other users. Each fighter gets 3 punches to reach their maximum power. As one might imagine, the fighter with the strongest punch wins.

MMA is a great way to stay active and get in a quick workout that has the added bonus of being a lot of fun. Whether you’ve been doing some Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and kickboxing for years or you’re only just beginning to consider it as a new hobby and workout routine, IPunch could very well be a game-changer in the way you get & stay active.

Interested? IPunch’s funding campaign runs until July 28th, so snag a pair of gloves early for just $149.

Happy punching!

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