Wuvo Spot Keeps You Sane and Tracks Your Stuff

Wuvo Spot Keeps You Sane and Tracks Your Stuff

Losing anything drives people absolutely mad. We’re sentient beings; we should be able to place items down in a location and remember them when it’s time to use them again. Unfortunately, we don’t. We spend hours each year, up to ten minutes each day, searching high and low for our misplaced things. Whether it’s keys, a folder with documents, or something super important like your kids, keeping track of things is essential.

So, where in the world is your stuff? Wuvo Spot knows. It knows exactly where it is, where it has been, and even harnesses the power of the masses to help you find it. This clever tracker goes beyond the standard GPS notification to make sure you get your things back efficiently. No more paying for a new set of keys, cancelling cards from losing your wallet, or worrying about your pet wandering off. Just attach Wuvo Spot and have peace of mind.

Wuvo on bag

The Spot can attach in many ways to many things. Stick it to the top of your laptop, hook it to your shoes, or simply slide it into your bag for effortless tracking. Using the accompanying app, you can be alerted when the Spot gets out of range so you remember your item. The app also grants you access to the Wuvo community where thousands of members can help track and locate your item as they each have a 100-foot range. If your item is found by someone without the Wuvo app, they can easily plug the serial number into the website to send you a notification.

Wuvo Cat

Wuvo Spot was engineered to help keep track of anything and with that idea came great design. The Spot is a small white disc with an elegant raised pattern design. It weighs just 3 grams so it won’t weigh any object down and is only 33mm in diameter, just a little larger than a US quarter. Unlike other trackers on the market, the battery inside Spot is replaceable and will last you six months with no charging. Wuvo Spot is compact and discreetly attaches to your items but can be found rather easily.

Wuvo in wallet

Wuvo Spot is a brilliant idea and nearly 2000 backers agree. They have funded this remarkable project to over 147% of its original $15k goal. With a month of funding left, you can back this project on Indiegogo and get your own set of ten Spots for just $99 – an incredible value as the MSRP for one Spot is $29.95.

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