The Yi Home Camera 2 Keeps Your Family and Your Home Connected

The Yi Home Camera 2 Keeps Your Family and Your Home Connected

With such incredible advances in technology, we seem to have a device or gadget for everything under the sun. So, why is it that more of us don’t have a connected home security device to keep us, and all of our technologically advanced toys, safe? Compact and inconspicuous, the Yi Home Camera 2 is a powerful home security camera. It’s connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network so you can check in whenever you’d like and also receive updates about activity. Keeping an eye on your home has never been easier.

Working with the intuitive app, the Home Camera 2 simply plugs into the nearest wall outlet and connects to your smartphone seamlessly. From there, you get the power of a 111-degree wide angle lens with quality 1080p HD live video. Open the app at any moment for the live feed and you can even double click on the recording to enable an incredible 4x zoom. When you pair multiple devices, the app allows you to name each one for a more organised and simplified view of your home throughout the day.

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The Yi Home Camera 2 is also just as effective in the dark. Equipped with a Panasonic ½.8-inch CMOS sensor and paired with vMaicovicon technology, the Yi Home Camera 2 utilises a non-invasive 940mm infrared sensor to achieve ultra clear night vision even in poor lighting. The camera also has enhanced motion detection. The advanced sensors are able to identify moving objects with precision to greatly reduce the number of false flags. Delivered right to your smartphone are alerts with details about the movement including where and when it took place.

Yi Home Camera 2

An updated version from the previous home security camera from Yi, the Home Camera 2 has only become smarter. Equipped with gesture detection, your can also receive alerts when your loved ones come home. They can simply wave to the camera to initiate the live feed on your device. It can also detect humans, as opposed to other moving objects, to keep your home safe from unwanted visitors. With the alert on your phone, you can begin a two-way audio to get the trespassers off your property.

Yi Home Camera 2

With the advanced zone alerts, this camera and app allow you to set up specific places in your home to detect motion. This could be the couch to keep your pet away, an entire room to keep your fine China safe, or even keep a freshly baked cake safe to cool on the counter.

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The hyper-sensitive microphone has 360-degree noise cancellation so the two-way audio is just as clear as the video. The Yi Home Camera 2 can also hold up to a 32GB SD card so you can capture and store special moments in the form of photo of video with a touch of a button.

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Available now, the Yi Home Camera 2 is the ultimate home camera. It allows for effortless and seamless home security but doesn’t interrupt your day with unnecessary alerts. Yet, it keeps your family connected for the all the moments, special or ordinary, no matter how far away you are.

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