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PLX Devices

PLX Devices
Innovative and practical, PLX Devices provides devices for your electronics and vehicles. From OBD II adapters to solar panels, they have it all.

Products we love from PLX Devices

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May 222018

Kiwi 4 Smart Wireless OBD Device

Understand your vehicle like never before with the Kiwi 4 Smart Wireless OBD Device. Plugging into your car, this intelligent devices gives you valuable insights into the health of your vehicle. The Kiwi 4 can easily check engine diagnostics as..

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Sep 202017

Legion Solar 2 DIY Solar Panel Kits

Start soaking up power from the sun without the expense, via the Legion Solar 2 DIY Solar Power Kits. While most solar systems are pricey, Legion Solar makes it affordable to start generating your own electricity. In addition, these kits..