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Crowdinsight – Best Practices for Reviewers

Crowdinsight – Best Practices for Reviewers

Updated 8 months ago

Guidelines and Tips

  • Make sure to take advantage of the 100 characters per answer and be as thorough as possible. Always keep in mind that the creators behind each project are looking for valuable and honest feedback on how to improve their campaign.
  • Be honest and put yourself in the position of a buyer when you answer the questions.
  • Use facts and be as descriptive as possible.
  • Remember, the better your answers are the more your score will improve and the more orders you’ll get.

Example Q&As

Do you understand what the product is about within 5 seconds?

Not really. The title is too complicated. Even though it describes the issue, it’s not clear how this product works. I’d use some keywords related to the solution instead of focusing 100% on the problem.

Do you find this product useful?

I do find the the product useful even though I wouldn’t buy it because of the price. With a quick Amazon search I’ve found similar products that are 50% cheaper than this project. Also, I’m not sure about the quality of the materials as they aren’t mentioned in the campaign.

Do you like the presentation of the page?

There are too many images on the page requiring me to scroll way a lot in order to understand how this product works. I’d prefer if the creator had a complete description of the product right below the video. Also, the design of the graphics is pretty basic which is not appealing.

Do you think there is anything missing?

I don’t see a timeline or who is behind the project, only a company name. The minimum pledge amount is $399 so, for this price, I would prefer to see some sort of a presentation of the team or at least the story of the founding team.