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Scientists Came Up with a Nearly Invincible Lithium-Ion Battery

Published on 01/12/2020 @ 3 AM EST

A team of researchers led by physicists at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory has been developing a lithium-ion battery that’s seemingly immune to failure. This new type of battery is said to work fine even when cut, bent, soaked, shot, and lit on fire.

GM Self-Driving Cars Might Come without a Steering Wheel

Published on 12/26/2019 @ 8 AM EST

General Motors has this bold plan of testing its self-driving cars on the streets without a steering wheel. They are currently petitioning the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for permission to begin the test, according to Reuters.

Amazon developed faster server hardware

Published on 12/01/2019 @ 2 AM EST

The newly updated processor is created specifically for data centers and will reach Amazon Web Services soon. It's possible the new ARM chip is as much as 20% faster than Graviton, which was released last year. Though not yet officially announced, the new processor could have as many as 32 cores.

Samsung investing $11 billion in QD-OLED

Published on 11/29/2019 @ 10 AM EST

The company announced it is building a manufacturing plant that's capable of creating QLED TVs. Hoping to truly rival LG OLED televisions, Samsung will invest $11 billion by 2025. These self-illuminating screens use quantum-dot technology and have a million-hour lifetime.

A flying car is set to come from Boeing and Porsche

Published on 10/12/2019 @ 1 AM EST

The two companies are working together to create an electric vehicle that is capable of vertical takeoff and landing. They're essentially designing a flying car, and they've even agreed to craft a prototype together. Boeing and Porsche will also look into the overall industry of urban air mobility.

Google Maps improves its directions for visual impairment

Published on 10/12/2019 @ 1 AM EST

The new audio direction feature announces busy crosswalks and more detailed directions. Though Google Maps already offered voice navigation, this service is geared toward those with visual impairments who are walking to a destination. It's currently available in the US in English and Japan in Japanese.