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Chinese scientists experiment with monkey brains

Published on 04/14/2019 @ 1 AM EST
Researchers in southern China are looking to better understand human intelligence and are putting human genes in the brains of monkeys to find out more. The transgenic monkeys with human genes performed tasks better than their all-monkey counterparts, although questions about ethics are buzzing around the experiment.

SoftBank could be launching a 5G drone

Published on 03/10/2019 @ 1 AM EST
The Hawk 30 will deliver 5G and IoT connectivity down to the planet from the sky, meaning there’s more coverage. It would hover 12.5 miles above the ground.

Mitsubishi’s latest innovation can power up your home

Published on 03/06/2019 @ 8 AM EST
Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, the Dendo Drive House includes solar panels, a battery, and a bi-directional charger which allows power to flow from your car to your house and vice versa. Whether it’s used as backup emergency power of off-grid lifestyles, Mitsubishi is pairing this innovation with professional installation and maintenance.

Toyota tests city-creating cameras for self-driving vehicles

Published on 03/02/2019 @ 1 AM EST
The car company is combining the efforts of their own Safety Sense-based cameras and off-the-shelf dashcams to help create city map data. The pairing of visual and digital worlds will capture more details. This is considered their first step in automated mapping.

DARPA in the market for smart bandages

Published on 02/16/2019 @ 1 AM EST
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has a program looking into devices that can help wounded soldiers heal on the battlefield. The technology would “closely track the progress of the wound and then stimulate healing processes in real time to optimize tissue repair and regeneration.”

Get moving with Fitness Boxing on Nintendo Switch

Published on 12/27/2018 @ 7 AM EST

Enjoy a boxing-based workout set while moving to the latest popular songs. Just hold the Joy-Con controllers as you squat and punch to move your entire body.