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Young people may be growing horn-like bumps

Published on 06/24/2019 @ 10 AM EST
A recent report claims there’s evidence younger people are developing the bump due to “hand held technology.” While under scrutiny, there’s no direct evidence these bone spurs are the result of smartphones like some have suggested.

Cloudflare outage halts popular websites

Published on 06/24/2019 @ 10 AM EST
The popular CDN experienced an outage Monday morning which took down millions of websites and apps. The massive outage has been resolved after the company identified a route leak.

Google won’t release any more tablets

Published on 06/23/2019 @ 7 AM EST
The tech powerhouse recently canceled its sequel to the Google Pixel Slate; it will instead focus on laptops. The company plans to continue improving Chrome OS and Pixelbook laptops. Pixel Slate owners will receive product support and updates until June 2024.

Noninvasive mind-controlled robot arm created

Published on 06/23/2019 @ 7 AM EST
A Carnegie Mellon University team developed a robot arm that responds to mind control, not a brain implant. Previously, anyone wanting to control a robot would've needed a surgical brain implant to do so seamlessly. This innovative development improves sensing technology.

NASA recreates Apollo 11 launch on your phone

Published on 06/23/2019 @ 7 AM EST
Released by USA TODAY, the augmented-reality app 321 Launch lets you relive the historic event. Created to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, this interactive app provides educational material. You can access the launch simulator starting July 16th.

Scientists from Harvard may have found a Goldilocks Zone

Published on 06/22/2019 @ 5 AM EST
A team at the university believes that the space around black holes may be able to support life. The Goldilocks Zone is an area where a planet could potentially have liquid water on its surface. Previously, this space was looked for around only stars.