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Alexa sent voice recordings to the wrong user

Published on 12/22/2018 @ 6 AM EST

An Alexa user’s 1,700 voice recordings were sent to the wrong person. The recordings included voice commands to Alexa-enabled devices and reporters were able to fully determine the person’s identity through the audio clips and social media.

Hackers can bypass Gmail 2FA

Published on 12/22/2018 @ 6 AM EST

Amnesty International has published a report stating how hackers have been phishing two-factor authentication codes. Once in your account, the hackers can disable 2FA and change your password.

Apple shows transparency with latest report

Published on 12/21/2018 @ 9 AM EST

The tech giant’s latest transparency report shows how it handles FBI-issued subpoenas, FISA orders, and what type of information is requested by the government.

Windows 10 get major upgrades

Published on 12/21/2018 @ 7 AM EST

The latest software preview includes Windows Sandbox, improvements to Start and Windows Security, a better Clipboard, more streamlined sign-in, and much more.

A 3D print of your head can unlock your smartphone

Published on 12/20/2018 @ 3 PM EST

A Forbes writer had a 3D print made of his head to test the facial ID unlocking feature of smartphones. Of the phones he tested, all Android devices unlocked with the 3D printed head.

Did your iPad Pro arrive bent?

Published on 12/20/2018 @ 8 AM EST

Apple confirms that the iPad Pro could possibly arrive bent, but it’s totally normal. The brand should replace any devices within the 14-day return window.