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NASA launches a deep-sea submarine

Published on 02/22/2019 @ 8 AM EST
In partnership with WHOI, the Orpheus submarine will be exploring the largely unknown hadal zone which is 3.7-6.8 miles underwater. While this technology is incredible on earth, it might be used for other oceans in the universe in the future.

China is looking to launch a solar panel in space

Published on 02/19/2019 @ 8 AM EST
China’s Academy of Space Technology is in the process of creating an orbital power plant. Drifting through space, the solar panels would never succumb to weather issues. They plan to launch a test power facility by 2025.

NASA to defend Earth from asteroid

Published on 02/06/2019 @ 9 AM EST
In the first test of planetary defense, NASA will be knocking an incoming asteroid out of orbit. NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency) will use a special probe to slam into the asteroid, disrupting its trajectory to avoid the earth.