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Newt Gingrich proposes Moon lander prize

Published on 08/20/2019 @ 9 AM EST
The Former Speaker wants to create a contest for a human Moon lander with the winning design receiving $2B. Elon Musk tweeted in response that it “is a great idea.”

Rocket Lab launches rideshare rocket

Published on 08/19/2019 @ 9 AM EST
The Electron launched from a New Zealand site and includes four satellites paid for by various clients. One satellite is for Earth imaging and another two for Air Force Testing.

Astronomers discover previously “invisible” galaxies

Published on 08/07/2019 @ 1 PM EST
Changing the way humans understand the universe, this discovery shows huge ancient galaxies. “These were previously invisible to us,” says University of Tokyo researcher Tao Wang. He continues, saying “this is the first time that such a large population of massive galaxies was confirmed during the first 2 billion years of the 13.7-billion-year life of the universe.” Access to the research article can be found on

Newly-discovered exoplanet very Earth-like

Published on 08/04/2019 @ 1 AM EST
One of the planets spotted by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) could support life, researchers find. It may even have liquid water. Named GJ 357 d, it’s 31 million light-years away and resides in the Hydra constellation.

New 3D Milky Way model shows new concepts

Published on 08/03/2019 @ 1 AM EST
University of Warsaw researchers have created a new 3D model that proves the galaxy is less flat than previously assumed. This comes from measuring the distance and speed at which stars travel.

NASA finds new planets

Published on 07/31/2019 @ 8 AM EST
Taking flight thanks to SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch in April, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite has found three new worlds. They’re currently orbiting a dwarf star. The star is cooler and smaller than the Sun, however, the planets are larger than Earth and run at a higher temperature.