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Apple is working on biometric car locks

Published on 02/12/2019 @ 9 AM EST

Apple has filed a patent called “System and Method for Vehicle Authorization” and includes designs for mobile biometric authentication technology for vehicles. Engadget summarizes this finding as the possible use of Face ID on cars. And, for future applications, it could mean vehicles could have profiles for each user (or “driver”). This would pertain to automatic seat positioning, climate settings, and even music.

Google Maps adds huge arrows for navigation

Published on 02/12/2019 @ 9 AM EST

In an effort to keep people from getting lost, the Google Maps app has added an augmented reality feature. The huge arrows show exactly where a user should travel while floating street names help the navigation process. This overlay is designed to work with a live view from their camera within the app.

Russia is unplugging from the Internet

Published on 02/11/2019 @ 10 AM EST

In an effort to plan for future cyber wars, Russia will be briefly unplugging from the Internet sometime before April 1st. This disconnect would mean any data transmission would remain in the nation and not routed internationally. The Digital Economy National Program requires Russia to be able to function online independently of other nations in the event they’re cut off from international servers.

Trump to announce American AI Initiative today

Published on 02/11/2019 @ 10 AM EST

President Trump will be signing an executive order later today to create the American AI Initiative with the goal of guiding AI development in the US. While this initiative will draw funding for AI research and create standards for AI, there are no new funds allocated as of yet. The administration has not publicly shared details or a schedule, but says a plan will come in the next six months.

Apple AirPower is (finally) set debut this spring

Published on 02/11/2019 @ 9 AM EST

Despite originally announcing the product over a year ago, Apple is finally releasing AirPower this spring, according to rumors. There were multiple tech setbacks for the wireless charging station, including overheating, activation, speed, and more. Along with a slightly bulkier design than first announced, the AirPower will also come with “a few exclusive features” that have yet to be named. It should cost around $150.

AI is getting smarter from playing Pictionary

Published on 02/10/2019 @ 1 AM EST

Scientists are using Pictionary to help teach AI systems about common sense. Because machines are still unable to fully understand context, the drawing game will help them make sense of drawings and art.