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Elvie raises $42m for products for women

Published on 04/07/2019 @ 1 AM EST

The biggest investment in femtech, Evie is planning to add more women-based smart products to their lineup. So far, their silent wearable breast pump and their app-powered Kegel device are grabbing the attention of women everywhere, and investors are noticing.

iPhone replacement scam steals nearly $1m

Published on 04/07/2019 @ 1 AM EST

Two Chinese students in Oregon created a massive ploy which involved smuggling in counterfeit iPhones from China and sending them in for repairs and replacement. Apple lost about $895,800 in total after granting 1,493 replacements.

Top Google AI researcher goes to Apple

Published on 04/06/2019 @ 1 AM EST

Well-known in the world of AI, Ian Goodfellow’s talents are headed to Apple as a director for machine learning at Apple’s Special Projects group. About a year ago, Google’s head of AI, John Giannandrea also joined Apple.

Amazon to join internet space race

Published on 04/06/2019 @ 1 AM EST

Thanks to recent filings from Amazon, it’s clear the tech giant is looking into launching a constellation of 3,236 internet-distributing satellites into space. Referred to as Project Kuiper, the satellites would hover at three different altitudes and, therefore, provide 95% of the world’s population with internet access.

The speed of light x30

Published on 04/06/2019 @ 1 AM EST

UCF scientists are toying with the idea of speeding up the speed of light by 30 times or even have it travel backward. It works by entering the light pulse and reorganizing its energy, according to researcher Ayman Abouraddy.

Palm Phone now available as standalone device

Published on 04/06/2019 @ 1 AM EST

The Android smartphone is now available for $199, discounted from the original $349 price. The companion version is also available via Verizon, but it requires a second data plan.