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Hey Google – call Santa

Published on 11/30/2018 @ 1 PM EST
Have a Google Assistant smart speaker? Now you’ve got a direct line to ol’ Saint Nick where you can help him rehearse a song for a concert. And, if your Google device has a display, you can also see accompanying graphics.

Gamers have spoken – mobile is the future

Published on 11/30/2018 @ 11 AM EST
The Nintendo Switch, the exceptionally portable gaming system, is on track to outsell the PS4 in 2019. The compact system has countless accessories, integrations, and top titles.

MIT is using AI to create art

Published on 11/30/2018 @ 10 AM EST
MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory as created RePaint, a project that uses machine learning to deduce and replicate the exact colors of paintings. Then, using a high-end 3D printer, it reproduces the paintings through a layers method.

YouTubers are connecting with users even more

Published on 11/30/2018 @ 10 AM EST
Thanks to new Instagram-like Stories, creators with over 10k subscribers are testing out YouTube Stories, which remain for 7 days but lack linking integration and only allow for video/image replies in the comments.

U.S. super soldiers

Published on 11/30/2018 @ 10 AM EST
To add to their already tech-filled gear, the U.S. Army is now purchasing HoloLens AR headsets. The 100k units will help soldiers lock onto targets with live information.

Audi is throwing their hat into the flying car ring

Published on 11/29/2018 @ 4 PM EST
Not to be left in the dust, Audi has created a concept design for an all-electric and self-flying vehicle. It pairs the features of a self-driving car with a passenger drone to transport you just about anywhere.