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Amazon acquires Eero in merger

Published on 02/16/2019 @ 1 AM EST
Adding to its portfolio, Amazon has acquired Eero, which is surely indicative of future plans with Alexa. Having access to this in-home Wi-Fi system would allow the smart assistant to connect more efficiently to other devices in the home.

Super Mario Bros. cartridge sells for over $100k

Published on 02/15/2019 @ 10 AM EST
A Super Mario Bros. cartridge has sold for $100,150, making it the highest price for a single game at an auction. The cartridge has been kept in pristine condition for the past 30 years.

Pictionary now features augmented reality

Published on 02/15/2019 @ 10 AM EST
Adding some tech to family game night, Mattel’s Pictionary Air is complete with AR and comes with a light wand. Using the app on your phone, players can draw in augmented reality in their surroundings. The game will be released in June and cost about $20.

OpenAI develops highly accurate language bot

Published on 02/15/2019 @ 10 AM EST
Named GPT-2, OpenAI’s language bot is able to predict text after a brief prompt. The prompts can range from a headline to an opening paragraph and GPT-2 is able to accurately continue the story. OpenAI used the top 8 million most upvoted links on Reddit as the source for learning.

Amazon pulls out of NYC HQ2 plans

Published on 02/14/2019 @ 1 PM EST
In a statement to TechCrunch, Amazon details their reasoning for abandoning plans to open HQ2 in New York City. This comes after months of negotiations and criticism from local government and citizens. The pushback was due to anti-unionization policies and tax breaks.

Now anyone can create Alexa skills

Published on 02/14/2019 @ 10 AM EST
The smart assistant with over 80,000 skills is about to get even smarter. Amazon is letting users take creations from Alexa Skill Blueprints and publish them in the Alexa Skills store. Amazon is also adding to Blueprints, meaning there will be more flexibility in what can be created. Each skill goes through a review process which will take 1-2 days.