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Spotify drops the 10,000-song cap on libraries

Published on 05/26/2020 @ 2 PM EST

Finally, Spotify is dropping the 10,000-song limit on My Library, so you’ll be able to save as many tracks and albums as you like for easier access to them. You won’t need to remove any tunes to make space for new ones anymore.

Facebook rebrands Libra wallet Calibra to Novi

Published on 05/26/2020 @ 2 PM EST

As reported by Techcrunch, "When Facebook unveiled Libra, its cryptocurrency project, there were two distinct entities — the Libra Association, a not-for-profit that oversees all things Libra, and Calibra, a Facebook subsidiary that is building a Libra-based wallet with integrations in WhatsApp and Messenger. Today, Facebook announced that Calibra has a new name, Novi. By rebranding Calibra to Novi, Facebook is trying to make it super clear that the Libra project isn’t a Facebook project per se."

New leaks released for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and S20 Ultra

Published on 05/25/2020 @ 4 AM EST
As reported by Engadget, OnLeaks and Pigtou have posted leak-based renders for the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ (above) that hint at a few clear similarities to the Galaxy S20 family. For one, big screens are the order of the day. The Note 20+ will reportedly have a 6.9-inch screen like the S20 Ultra, while even the ‘regular’ Note 20 would boast a 6.7-inch display — if accurate, Samsung may have ditched the compact Galaxy Note this time around.

New York Auto Show has been fully canceled

Published on 05/25/2020 @ 4 AM EST
Usually held in April with over 1 million attendants, the New York Auto Show was delayed until August due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But organizers are now saying they won’t be able to meet that deadline and are focused on reviving the auto show in spring 2021.

Oculus surpasses $100 million in Quest content sales

Published on 05/18/2020 @ 11 AM EST
Oculus released a new sales figure as the company reaches the 1 year anniversary of the release of the Quest headset. As reported by Techcrunch, Oculus has said that that they’ve sold $100 million worth of Quest content in the device’s first year.

Samsung’s in-house incubator C-Labs backs SunnyFive, a startup making smart windows that product artificial sunlight

Published on 05/18/2020 @ 11 AM EST
The SunnyFive window looks to be similar in function to light therapy lamps marketed to sufferers of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It outputs the full spectrum of natural light, and can be programmed to mimic the lighting effects of a real window.