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Galaxy S10 Plus leaks

Published on 12/04/2018 @ 9 AM EST

Leaks show this impressive smartphone with a 6.4-inch display (yet thinner than the S9+) and possibly up to five different cameras. Rumor has it the smartphone will debut in early 2019.

Apple and Alexa sittin’ in a tree

Published on 12/04/2018 @ 9 AM EST

While you can already connect via Bluetooth, the latest Echo update supports the Apple Music skill so your voice can launch playlists, songs, artists, and stations. It's available the week of December 17th.

Nvidia will use power of AI

Published on 12/03/2018 @ 3 PM EST

Through artificial intelligence, graphics processing giant Nvidia will be improving your games. The AI uses machine learning to render new graphics. This means that the intelligent software can determine different objects, like trees, cars, buildings, and more.

Amazon Go is expanding

Published on 12/03/2018 @ 1 PM EST

The cashierless stores are getting an upgrade with the testing of a new and much larger store in Seattle. Providing a wallet and line-less shopping experience, you simply scan your phone when you enter the Amazon Go store and you’re charged when you leave.

Walmart is introducing robot floor cleaners

Published on 12/03/2018 @ 8 AM EST

Debuting 360 autonomous floor-scrubbing robots to their stores, these robots are smart enough to dodge merchandise and even go around customers to clean while the store is open.

SpaceX is breaking mission records

Published on 12/03/2018 @ 8 AM EST

SpaceX is launching 64 satellites today in an Uber-like ride share rocket with satellites from 34 different companies and 11 countries. The rocket leaves California between 1:32pm and 2:00pm EST.