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LEGO releases new sets with AR capability

Published on 02/14/2019 @ 10 AM EST
Eight new LEGO sets feature augmented reality, taking creativity to all new levels. As a part of the Hidden Side series, the sets have haunted buildings and include a ghost-hunting app. The sets will be available late summer.

Our brains continue to learn while sleeping

Published on 02/14/2019 @ 10 AM EST
According to a recent study, the human brain is capable of learning while asleep, albeit under the right neural conditions. The study involved playing recordings to sleeping participants. The word pairs included one fake word and one real word. After waking, participants would answer questions about the fake word which showed the brain created a correlation between the word pairs.

Opportunity ends its Mars mission

Published on 02/14/2019 @ 10 AM EST
After not answering their final call yesterday, NASA ceased operations for Opportunity, the Mars rover. Oppy, as it was affectionately called, was originally designed for a 90-day mission yet ended up transmitting valuable information from Mars for over 15 years.

DJI to update their European geofencing

Published on 02/13/2019 @ 10 AM EST
After a DJI drone was flown onto Gatwick Airport property, thousands of travelers had their flights cancelled with Heathrow Airport soon following suit. GEO 2.0 will cover all 32 European countries and provides a more thorough and precise geofence. In order for it to take effect, users must manually update their DJIGO 4 flight control app.

Samsung’s 2019 QLED TVs go on sale

Published on 02/13/2019 @ 10 AM EST
The Samsung Q90, Q80, Q70, and Q60 series are all on sale. Featuring exceptional 4K resolution, they come with FreeSync, iTunes, and AirPlay 2 and range in size from 43 to to 82 inches.

Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 launches on Kickstarter

Published on 02/13/2019 @ 10 AM EST
Backed by Tim Cook and in partnership with Moen, the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 smart shower is back on Kickstarter. Its futuristic design offers millions of tiny droplets of water to cover 10x more surface area while using 65% less water than standard shower heads. The new design is also 29% warmer, quieting critics who said the mist made them feel cold.