01 Dimensioning Instrument by InstruMMents

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Get super precise measurements every time with the 01 Dimensioning Instrument by InstruMMents. Beyond simple measurements, this intelligent device can be used to easily trace objects in order to provide exact dimensions. Made with carved aluminum, the 01 Dimensioning Instrument enables you to carry less while working faster than ever before. Additionally, this pen-like object can get to corners and shapes previously unattainable with a traditional bulky measuring tape. Connecting to the app on your smartphone, the 01 Dimensioning Instrument is able to log and convert the measurement as well as share the results with your co-workers, classmates, or anyone else who may need the details. Whether you use the 01 Dimensioning Instrument at work, for DIY at home, or for ad hoc measuring, it will simplify your life and safe you time.

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