I-1 Smart Analog Instant Camera

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Love Polaroid but want to stay connected? Look no further than the I-1 Digital Instant Camera. With the largest update to the original photo format in over twenty years, the I-1 Camera can be used in manual mode to have control over the aperture, shutter speed, focal point, and flash just like a digital camera. Alternatively, you can use the remote trigger and self-timer as it connects to your smartphone. The I-1 enables you to do something the original Polaroid never did: you can use special effects using the mobile app to superimpose images, paint, and design with lighting and color techniques, and apply loads more digital elements to this analog environment thanks to a convenient Bluetooth connection. The film used for the I-1 is specially designed, so it’s cheaper and more energy efficient as it doesn’t require batteries. Do you prefer instant cameras over others?

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