Kandao QooCam 360 and Stereo Camera

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Experience a new way of recording with the Kandao QooCam 360 and Stereo Camera. This 4K camera combines innovative 3D stereo and 360-degree filming technology, offering a unique way to capture your surroundings. Its 4K capture with full sensor readout makes it possible to record any moment in vivid detail. QooCam also captures high-quality 360-degree videos on the go. You can also relive your favorite moments using its 4K video with a 180-degree wide angle. Thanks to depth-based technology, you can refocus photos after you shoot them. This allows you to choose the subject you want to focus on during editing. QooCam comes with three wide-angle lenses, offering a 216-degree field of view and f/2.2 aperture. The camera provides up to three hours of continuous recording on a single charge. You can use an external Micro SD card to expand storage up to 256GB.

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