Logitow 3D Animation Building Blocks

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Enjoy an immersive learning experience with the Logitow 3D Animation Smart Building Blocks. Logitow features interactive smart building blocks with 3D animation mirroring in real time. As your kid builds a creation, it instantly becomes a 3D animation mirrored via wireless connection on screen. Playing with Logitow is easy once you download the app. Just turn on the Key Block and connect Cube Blocks to begin building, then finish it using the Ending Block. Additionally, you can also choose the building mode through the app. The Free Building mode allows kids to unleash their creativity and imagination. Likewise, Theme Building turns the physical blocks into part of an on-screen 3D animation. Furthermore, Logitow provides valuable family time, inspires creativity and teaches essential cognitive and problem-solving skills. Finally, Logitow is a fun group activity that encourages collaboration.

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