HW Audio 3D Printed In-Ear Monitors

$642 USD
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Take your musical talent to the next level with the HW Audio 3D Printed In-Ear Monitors. These earphones are the choice of top musicians to help them perform their best. Available in custom and universal fit designs, they’re comfortable to wear for as long as you need. What sets these earphones apart is the GOVNOR valve. This technology prevents the occlusion effects by allowing the pressure in your ear canal to release while the earphones are in place. Using micro hydraulics, the valve opens and closes quickly to retain the impressive sound quality. Plus, the In-Ear Monitors feature balanced armature drivers with multiple frequency crossover networks for impressive bass and crystal clear high-frequency range. The custom fit design begins with a mold or 3D scan of your ears for a truly personalized fit along with a choice of color, wood veneers, and pearls. The universals come in stylish black shells with a transparent faceplate.

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