Othr Torq 3D-Printed Nutcracker

$250 USD
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Use an elegant tool to crack nuts with the Othr Torq 3D-Printed Nutcracker. The Torq Nutcracker is a heavy-duty tool that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. It draws inspiration from industrial devices, resulting in an object that is easy and fun to control. Using 3D printing techniques and steel material, the Torq Nutcracker comes in matte black. Made to order, the production time for each Torq Nutcracker takes two to three weeks. The production process includes a combination of 3D printing and hand finishing. Likewise, each nutcracker comes with a unique number. Simply display the Torq Nutcracker in your kitchen or home for a better way to crack nuts whenever you want to. Award-winning designer Josh Owen is the designer of this unique nutcracker.

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