3D Printer Tungsten Premium Nozzle

$29 USD
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Bring the plastics industry standard to your desktop 3D Printer. When you print with abrasive or high temperature 3D print materials such as carbon fiber or PEEK Filament then it is unavoidable to use better nozzles than those made of brass or steel. Brass is too soft and steel is energy inefficient and encounters a tempering effect during printing. So beside the material properties the thermal features are the other aspects which has to be considered. Compared to brass or steel the tungsten premium nozzle – made of a special tungsten alloy – combines all advantages and comes without any compromises in its thermal and material features. It grants you wear-resistance, energy efficiency and an even layer thickness and cleaner & preciser print results. Dies made of various tungsten alloys are a reliable and well established standard in the plastics extrusion industry, so it is not the reinvention of the wheel, but we made that wheel smaller and so we bring an established industry standard for your professional print shop or rapid prototyping service to your desktop!

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