iDevices Instinct 4-in-1 WiFi Light Switch

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Get more out of a single light switch with the iDevices Instinct 4-in-1 WiFi Light Switch. Aside from controlling your lights, the Instinct offers four unique functions. It comes with sensors, a speaker, and integrated Amazon Alexa, plus it is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. Simply use your voice to command Alexa to control your lights or play music. Likewise, if you have an Apple Watch or iPhone, you can use Siri for HomeKit activities. You can also use Google Assitant and iDevices Connected app to control the switch. Additionally, the Instinct provides a motion detector and an ambient light sensor, enabling more possibilities for your HomeKit scene. These sensors allow you to receive custom alerts for peace of mind and automate lights to save energy. Finally, it conveniently lights up when it receives a voice command. The Instinct will be available in 2018.

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