CSEED 262 Ultra-Large 4K Widescreen TV

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Hold onto your hat – the CSEED 262 Ultra-Large 4K Widescreen TV is the largest in the world. CSEED specializes in massive TVs and the latest doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it sets a world record. The number in the CSEED 262 actually indicates the massive screen diagonal. That’s right – it measures a full 262 inches which is 6.65 meters. But, the size means little if the resolution can’t back it up. You’re in luck. The CSEED 262 boasts a beautiful 4K resolution to give you a stunning image whether you’re watching a movie or sports. In addition, to match the high-quality display, the CSEED 262 also comes with integrated speakers. Amazingly, it comes with ten high-end speakers to produce a 7.1 or 9.1 cinema environment. The most magical part of it all is that a push of the button on the remote removes the customized fabric cover.

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