8-Bit Bumper iPhone SE/5s Case by Big Big Pixel

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Miss the good old days? Give your iPhone a character! Oppa 8-bit Style! This unibody 8-bit bumper made from high quality TPU to keeps your iPhone 5 aluminum body free from any damage, unlike the traditional silicone case, it is fiction-less to slide your 8bit machine into your pocket hassle free! The 8-bit Bumper for iPhone 5 hearken back to the beginnings of the video game revolution, when the music was awesome and mushrooms were the most valuable treasure! The pixelated design and jaggy edges complete the 8-Bit look and durable TPU material keeps iDevices safe. If Mario had an iPhone, this would have been his bumper. Not only are both of these accessories aesthetically pleasing, but they also will provide some adequate protection to your Apple device which is also important.

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