Abyss Horizon

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Duffy casts an eye into the ancient  – looking to the depths of the ocean to dream up a dramatic circular coffee table, which instantly takes the mind to stories of a flat earth, or disc world,  and introducing the majesty of the big blue to the interior. As well as servicing you with somewhere quite impressive to place your cup of tea. Like all of Duffy’s designs, the Abyss Horizon is a conversation piece as much as a functional one. But while previous works play with gravity, this new design is concerned with depth and creates a geological cross-section as mesmerising as the sea. The design team spent a year developing the table in their London studio, experimenting with sculpted glass, Perspex and wood, arranged like a 3-D representation of a geological map, until they re-created something of the mesmeric abyss that had first captured Duffy’s imagination.

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