Muista Active Desk Chair

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Live life actively all day long with the Muista Active Desk Chair. With loads of ergonomic features, this chair ensures you’re active even when sitting. In fact, recent studies show that fidgeting throughout your day combats the negative side effects of sitting. The Muista Chair comes in two sizes: Fit and Big. The Fit is perfect for standard sized desks while the Big is great for taller workspaces. The top of the Muista Chair features one single arch. Armed with a cushion, this shape engages your core and your body even when still. In addition, the bottom of the Muista Chair also has a slight curve. This allows you to rock in place. Between the two curves, this chair gives you room to wiggle, fidget, and sway. Additional to the added fun, the Muista Chair also helps to keep you focused while you work.

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