PriestmanGoode Adapting Scooter for Life

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Have one vehicle for life with the PriestmanGoode Adapting Scooter for Life. This personal vehicle has an innovative design to change throughout your lifetime. In fact, it grows as you go. For children, it can be used much like a seated scooter. Then, for older kids and teens, it’s a fun and adventurous scooter to zip around the neighborhood. For the working adults, it’s great for your commute as well as staying fit. Then, as time goes on, the scooter transforms again so you can use the motor section to get yourself around. This concept design breaks the mold of traditional consumerism and keeps you active and mobile. The included storage area can also house the motor to get you where you need to be. A true Scooter for Life, this system is actually perfect for all ages.

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