Sway Adjustable Height Wooden Desk

$1419 USD
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Cater your workspace to your ergonomic needs with the Sway Adjustable Height Wooden Desk by ergonofis. This beautiful desk is as breath-taking as it is practical. The top of the desk is made entirely of wood. Measuring 1.25 inches thick, it comes in your choice of maple, cherry, walnut, or ash wood. The wood grain is visible from every single side. Holding this top in place with a heavy-duty steel frame. It adds stability but also houses the electronic components so you can adjust the height. Built into the wood is a touchscreen where you can view exact height increments. In addition, you can program two different heights and access them with just a touch of a button. Unlike other electronic desks, the Sway Desk uses natural and manmade materials to offer a sense of sophistication.

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