KKA S1 Advanced Electric Skateboard

$699 USD
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Experience the adventure of riding a skateboard that feels like surfing and skiing with the KKA S1 Advanced Electric Skateboard. The KKA S1 is a unique, easily controllable electric skateboard that anyone can enjoy. Using innovative mechanics, KKA S1 allows you to carve, slide, glide or do a tic-tac on the pavement. Additionally, you can use KKA S1 on bike lanes, country roads or city streets for transportation. Similarly, its powerful, strong, durable and flexible features allow for on and off-road maneuvers. Its rocker bridge structure helps maintain balance and offers flexibility with a small turning radius. Also, the 5-inch large tire provides more fit with road surface in turns and stronger ability to adapt to rough terrains. Likewise, the high bullet PU tire is suitable for poor road conditions as well as wear and corrosion resistant. Finally, the LED movement headlight and taillight ensure optimal safety.

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