Dygma Raise Advanced Gaming Keyboard

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Take your gaming to the next level with the Dygma Raise Advanced Gaming Keyboard. This ergonomic keyboard is ideal for esports and offers you total comfort and control. The Dygma Raise actually detaches in the center so you can angle the keys as you need. In addition, every key is remappable and can be configured to your specific needs. Plus, the keys can take on special behaviors based on a tap, several taps, or holding it down. With open source software and firmware, you can adjust and improve the keyboard as you see fit and learn from the community. The Dygma Raise has 8 thumb keys that are comfortable to use since they are where the thumbs naturally rest. You can even use just part of the keyboard in conjunction with your mouse for a more comfortable layout. This makes it perfect for left-handed users as well. Finally, for total comfort, the Dygma Raise is complete with palmrests and pads for your wrists.

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